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NOTE: A pivotal part of the Rephaim analysis presented here has been added right before the Conclusion under the subheading HOOK, LINE AND SINKER.

The End of the Age

From the dawn of time
Man has always sought peace
But war has been the terror of his legacy
The horror of his fate
The final hours of history...

For as long as man
Stands at war with his God
He will be condemned to stand at war
With himself and his seed
Behold, the greatest conspiracy...

For I have seen hell and the torment of the damned
In the day of evil, in the dying hour...

In the balance of power
And the origin of fate
Lies the sovereignty of man
In the doctrine of hate...

The hour of redemption is upon us
And the day of judgment will bring
The end of the dream
The end of the nightmare
The end of all the days
The end of the fighting
And the end of the rage
That lies in our mortal remains
At the end of the age...


CRN® APRIL 26, 2012— The headline above is not ‘another one of those crazy Christian stories’, it is a fact that more than 200 Bible Scholars have vetted and approved it in 1993 Edition of The Oxford Companion to the Bible. This eighty-dollar 8-pound book is not just any ordinary book. As it states here, Written by over 250 scholars from 20 nations, this handy one-volume reference features more than 700 interpretive articles about the Bible's impact on the Western world”. Well the word REPHAIM is just one of those entries that makes one redefine what the term ‘post-flood giants’ refers to; especially after reading the entry for this race of giants. This is the purpose of this article; to define the REPHAIM.

In the same book the entry for Nephilim suggests that the word stems from Nephal which means to fall or “the Fallen Ones”. It is curious that the tallest mountain range in the world, the Himalaya, is in Nepal, isn’t it? Also curious is the fact that Nepal has an Illuminati-based monarchy and that its King went ‘berserk’, just like a Nephalim, some years ago when he embarked on a killing spree in the Katmandu Palace and killed, dismembered and ate his entire family; wife and children included. This in turn created an unprecedented crisis in Nepal. I do not believe this man, the King of Nepal, was a Nephilim but an off-shoot of this race of biblical giants mentioned in Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33 in the Bible.

Just one of these races that stem from these Nephilim, offspring of the sexual involvement of Fallen Angels (Sons of God) with human Adamic women, are the Rephaim. There are others, Gibborim, the Zimzumim the Anakim, the Ahiman, the Amorites, Anab’s giants destroyed by Joshua’s legions. Even Argob’s 60 cities of giants, Arioch the giant king, Ashdod “city of giants,” the Awim, Bashan’s giants, King Birsha, Elhanan, the Emim, The Gibborim, the Gibeonites, Goliath, Ishbi-Benob, Jericho’s giants, Lahmi, Og giant king of Bashan, the Perizzites, Sheshai, Sihon giant king of the Amorites, Sippai, Sodom and Gomorrah’s giants, Talmai, and the Zamzummin are all the various races that the Bible and many other documents confirm existed and may still exist under the earth waiting to come out once the chains are released.  


The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead.”—Proverbs 21:16

After talking on the phone with Professor Truth yesterday about the End-Times, I remembered my trusty Oxford Companion to the Bible which I got freely back in 1997. This book is a well-referenced and valuable source of information concerning the Bible. It is so overwhelming that I even scanned it. Here it is.

1Rephaim. In several biblical texts (e.g., Isa. 26.14: Prov. 2.18) dead “shades” (NRSV) who inhabit the underworld; in other texts a race of fearsome giants who once lived in parts of Palestine and Transjordan (e.g., Deut. 2.20; 3.11, 13; Josh. 12:4; 13.12). Scholars have in the past con­sidered these two meanings distinct, but texts from *Ugarit suggest they may be related. At Ugarit, Rephaim most often refers to members of the aristocracy (military, political, or religious) who, as a result of their status while alive, attain some sort of superhuman, even semi divine, standing in the underworld. The probable etymology of Rephaim from the verb meaning “to heal,” also suggests that these dead Rephaim were thought to have power to help the living. The term Rephaim in the Bible likewise may refer to those among the deceased (e.g. the ancestral giants) who demonstrated extraordi­nary prowess during life and continue to exer­cise some sort of power after death. Notable in this regard is Isaiah 14:9, where the Rephaim of the underworld are described as those “who were leaders of the earth” and those “who were kings of the nations.”
      See also Nephilim.                —Susan Ackerman

Original Source: The Oxford Companion Bible, Page 647, 1993, Metzger and Coogan, Oxford University Press


Did you read that closely, slowly and steadily? If not, I suggest you go back read it again! This time pause between each sentence. Then come back here and continue reading.

The Hebrew Transliteration of  Prov 2:18 is “. . bayith shuwach . maveth . . ma'gal . . rapha'”. Rapha is the singular of Raphaim or Rephaim.

Even-more-so, Thayer’s True Concordance Definition gives greater clarity to the word Rapha.

Original: רפא
Transliteration: Rapha'
Phonetic: raw-faw'
Definition:   1.  ghosts of the dead, shades, spirits

And another definition that I discovered which states:

Ra'phah -Demons which are regarded as ancestral deities and can incarnate repeatedly within a family line. (plural: rephaim)


First let us analyze what is said here in a term that even Little Sally, a hypothetical and innocent little 7-year-old girl that Professor Truth uses to explain the simplicity of concepts that adults unnecessarily complicate and that are really simple to understand; similar to Ockham’s Razor. Sally, can you tell me what you understand by this sentence?
REPHAIM. In several biblical texts (e.g., Isa. 26.14: Prov. 2.18) dead “shades” (NRSV) who inhabit the underworld; in other texts a race of fearsome giants who once lived in parts of Palestine and Transjordan”?

Sally understands that the Rephaim are the spirit of the dead, demons or “shades”; “just like the black shadow men” that Sally sees and millions around the world have been seeing out of the corner of their eyes since 1997; shadows that suddenly disappear when one turns around to see them. Sound familiar? (Pun intended). Beware of “the shadow people.” many would say. I agree.

So, the “shades” or dark disembodied spirits that come from the underworld are the Rephaim. The same underworld that the Maya termed as Xibalba be; the same underworld where on the 21 of December 2012 would open up once our planet aligns with this ‘dark rift’ near the Galactic Center. The Maya and Aztec referred to Mexico as the belly or navel to this underworld near the Galactic Center. What is this navel? The answer lies on latitude 19.47 on the planet where the belly of the beast is about to be unleashed. This line that runs across the Transversal Volcanic Line in central mexico is where the Popocatepetl Volcano is situated. The Popocatepetl or ‘Popo’ is considered the most dangerous active volcano on Earth at the moment and also the biggest geomagnetic object in the world. Saying goes that Popo is that navel that connects to this ‘underworld’ or interdimensional rift or gateway to ‘the gods’. But this gateway was accessed, as I will explain in Part II, by going into the belly of the Earth, not the Galactic Center. This path to the inner earth is a Gateway to Hell and the ancient Maya and Aztec knew this well.

And if these shadowy “boogey men” inhabit the underworld, what are they doing here popping all over the grid? Let’s let Sally explain that one, “They opened the door daddy!” Thank you Sally. “Just like in the movie Monsters Inc., daddy!” Exactly Sally. Thank you. But for them to open a door, after being confined to Tartarus or Sheol (the Underworld or Hell) would mean one thing, “Someone gave them a key daddy?” Thank you Sally. “Or someone helped them out!” Yes, Sally. Either way, THEY ARE ALREADY HERE. But these Rephaim and not just disembodied spirits of giants or demons, they have special powers and abilities. Let’s go on.

Sally, can you please continue to tell us what else you understand from the second part of the first sentence where it says “In several biblical texts (e.g., Isa. 26.14: Prov. 2.18) dead “shades” (NRSV) who inhabit the underworld; in other texts a race of fearsome giants who once lived in parts of Palestine and Transjordan?

“Yes daddy, it says that they are huge and when people see them, they get scared! And that they lived in the Middle East.” Thank you Sally. We cannot get clearer than that, can we?

“Just like uncle Stan said on the radio that in the Pentagon the important soldiers know that the gods of the Bible are returning to the Middles East, daddy?”- Sally asks.

Yes Sally! I do remember Uncle Stan saying something like that in a 2011 interview. Here it is!


Stan Deyo: “A number of things that…uh… I’ve heard uh…from people in the Pentagon, that the buzz word in the secret of secrets in the Pentagon is ‘The Sumerian gods are returning.’ And that’s what they’re referring to, that whole area that Dr. Peters (unclear) is...”

Female Interviewer:
  Could you repeat that again just in case somebody missed it? The special word that…

Deyo: In the Pentagon, you know the military circles that are in the know about the cover-up here; um… they kind of, in whisper tones, talk about the return of the Sumerian gods. And they’re talking about what we would call Aliens or Fallen Angels returning into the Middle East, into the old Sumer area.”

“Just like in the Days of Noah, daddy?” Yes, Sally, just as in the Days of Noah.

Thank God for 7-11!

In Genesis 7:11 it shows a clear and vivid example of what Jesus Christ warned would happen in the End of Days (Matthew 24:37). And it is happening now, make no mistake about it.

In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.”-Gen 7:11

This date refers to the 17th of October in the Hebrew calendar. We shall see what happens then. What is certain is that the abyss opens up, the volcanic vents start breaking the ocean sea floor. This has been happening for some time now. According to NASA, more than 1 million volcanic vents have been detected in the Pacific Ocean alone!

Quoting Part One of the article titled Krakatau, The Father, the Son and the Tongues of Fire with regard to the Genesis 7:11 prophecy gives confirmation on what we are already witnessing:

“The opening of the fountains of the deep marks the onset of judgment for the Earth and the beginning of the Great Deluge or Noahic Flood. The description of the fountains may not necessarily be limited to the deep recesses of sea water. The “great deep” marks great distinction and is suggestive of the sealing of the great abyss being broken.

The understanding of these fountains of Genesis 7:11 will give key understanding to the unlocking of the abyss of Revelation 9 and the great release of massive armies which have been bound for millennia. The surface and subsurface geologic events which have taken place in recent years are themselves preparatory to a very likely near future cataclysm. It can then be proposed that these fountains include the great volcanic chambers on the earth and under the seas.”

Tom Horn explains what these “dead things” or Rephaim that come out of the abyss are referring to Job 26:5:

“…the ancient Rephaim, the giants of Canaan, and the phrase ‘are formed’ is from the Hebrew, ‘chuwl,’ meaning to twist or whirl as in a double helix or genetic manufacturing.”

This gives a new term to the idea why volcanoes look like twirling peaks. Volcanoes could be the birthing mechanisms that give way to the ‘birthing of a new race’ that Lady Gaga so proudly heralds in her interviews.

This video filmed in Indonesia clearly shows a demonic face manifesting while this Indonesian volcano in Siau erupted on August 6th 2010.


Back in 1997, I visited the Teotihuacan Pyramid Complex known as ‘City of the gods’ at Tenochtitlan. I had dinner at a little restaurant and it turned out that the owners of the little ‘fondita’ are the guardians of the pyramids. They confirmed strange events happening at Teotihuacan. Among them, ‘whirlwinds of fire’ being seen at daybreak on ‘Calzada de los Muertos’ or ‘Avenue of The Dead’. They said that ‘these are the spirits of the giants’. They also confirmed that giant skeletons are literally everywhere under the ground when asked about these giants, they confirmed that they would return in 2012 and do not unearth them because they can ‘awaken’ or reanimate.

Teotihuacan is just 40 minutes NE of Mexico City. I wish to go there for 1 day to film and interview these people again and get some footage of the evidence. If you are interested in financing this trip and accompanying me, please contact me.


David Flynn in his research and at the Roswell Conference explains the Teotihuacan-Tenochtitlan-2012 connection here and emphasizes the number 19.47 and its connection to the Roswell UFO crash, the Return of The Fallen Angels in 2012 and the Mount Hermon Geolocation-Calendar-Evidence.


Here is the link to the video.

Continuing with the Rephaim entry, it mentions next, “Scholars have in the past considered these two meanings distinct (dark 'shades' and fearsome giants), but texts from *Ugarit suggest they may be related.” Of course they are related! These are giant entities that are in another dimension and are coming back in full force on 21 December 2012!

1Ugarit is the region in northern Syria where archaeologists have unearthed many tablets and the translation of these tablets give credence to what scholars confirm about the Rephaim. Even a statue of Baal at the Louvre has eyes that look like what people refer to ETs as the ‘Greys’. Mind you that Ugarit is close to the Canaanite Mission Control Space Center that Sitchin mentions in his books at Baalbeck Trilithon in Lebanon.

Well, it just turns out that it all leads back to Phoenicia and its port city of Byblos. Ominous how the capital of Phoenicia was called Sidonia and as David Flynn explains in his book on Cydonia, The Secret Chronicles of Mars, the Phoenicians knew about their heritage coming from the red planet.

(Please take the time to download and read Chapter 4, The Fallen Ones, by David Flynn here.)

All this gives a new meaning to the term ‘Phoenix Rising in 2012’, the Hunger Games movie that emphasizes on the Phoenix burning in a Ring of Fire, the Pacific Ring of Fire waking up all of a sudden with massive earthquakes and volcanoes going off (Aprill 11th, 2012) , ‘the gods returning’ and ‘the End of the World’ in movies and in the history books as in the Bible this is written. How much clearer of a picture indicative of this reality must I and others write to convince the reader that this is true?

Well, I found yet another valuable clue as to what these hybrid beasts are and their connection to Baal and their connection to, guessed it!,…the Rephaim. Read these two paragraphs considering the Genesis 6:4, the Book of Jasher 4:16, 2 Esdras, and the Book of Enoch 7:5-6 and Jasher 1:6  accounts:

“What could be the reason for the forced promiscuity of the women in Byblos? In our opinion it is the chaotic-orgiastic behaviour linked to the arrival of spirits from the underworld. The centaurs must be understood as such spirits with a strong desire for women.”

Some centaurs are pictured as masters in medical care and healing. The centaur Kiron teaches Achilleus the art of healing wounds, and one of the centaurs is called Rifonos (Nonnos XIV,189) or Rifeus (Ovid Met XII,352) from Semitic rpu´/rephaim. Also Baal in Ugarit is seen as he who raises the spirits from the underworld to come to the yearly celebration: “Just as Baal, when he gives life, prepares a feast for those who are awakened to life” (CTA 17,VI,30f). “The most important task of Ba´lu/Haddu as a healer and shepherd was to bring the spirits of the dead back to life when he returned to earth on the New Year's Festival” (J.C. de Moor).

These hybrid beings such as the centaur are mentioned and were venerated by the Assyrians and were called SHED. A SHED is a demon or devil, pure and simple.  Deuteronomy 32:17 and Ps.106:36-37 mentions these SHED gods as the ‘chadash’ or gods that came to them and who human sacrifices were done in their presence.

Others such as the satyr or sai’yir in Hebrew, also known as the fawn,  who is the current satanic deity known as PAN, the goat-hoofed and horned devil who is mentioned in Isaiah 13:21 and Leviticus 17:7, was described as a tremendously sexual entity that would rape any women that it would encounter. This is where the term nymphomaniac, a person addicted to satanic sex worship, comes from. It is known that PAN would get drunk, nymphs would come to him, he would have sexual orgies with them and then kill all of them. Albert Pike, a Masonic leader and Confederate General, Founder of the Klu Klux Klan and author of the masonic Satanic Bible known as Morals and Dogma used to enact these very rituals.

French animation video titled Mytho Logique gives us a better understanding into how the Rephaim looked and acted. As you will see, all these creatures appear confirming this very assessment. Also, Guillermo Del Toro’s movie Pan’s Labrynth talks about the same fawn or satyr mentioned in the Bible. It says, “There will be signs that mark her return.” ‘Her’ referring to a princess from another world, the underworld; hinting at Persephone, goddess of the underworld. In Christian terms, she is Babylon, Jezebel, the Harlot.


So who are these Rephaim according to the Ugarit tablets? The answer is shocking and it may apply to our world today considering that at least 10 top-ranking officials in the US military are not even considered human anymore; they look human but are not according to a young English hacker who gained access to the Pentagon network and discovered this information in their files. Keep that in mind as well as the many claims that whistleblowers and researchers have been saying for years about the Babylonian Illuminati of today. Let us read what the Oxford Companion to the Bible states next in this amazing entry on the Rephaim:

“At Ugarit, Rephaim most often refers to members of the aristocracy (military, political, or religious) who, as a result of their status while alive, attain some sort of superhuman, even semi divine, standing in the underworld.”

Let me clear my throat here, ehem… ehem..!!! This is clear evidence that confirms these claims! It confirms the intentions of the Rephaim of today and their super soldier ‘ubermensch’ (superman)  programs conducted by Nazi scientists which are still alive and well; and concurs with what the now defunct super soldier lab experiment known asJames Casbolt revealed in a 59 page document he personally emailed me and Kerry Kassidy from Project Camelot revealed in part on her website. I reveal this document in full for the first time to the public here.


UPDATE: I forgot to mention and comment on the last part of the Oxford Bible Companion entry on the Rephaim. If you think the first one was the hook, the second the line, well this one is the sinker. Sally, can you please read for us?

The term Rephaim in the Bible likewise may refer to those among the deceased (e.g. the ancestral giants) who demonstrated extraordinary prowess during life and continue to exercise some sort of power after death. Notable in this regard is Isaiah 14:9, where the Rephaim of the underworld are described as those “who were leaders of the earth” and those “who were kings of the nations.

-And what does this mean Sally?

-That the Presidents, the Kings, the Queens, Princesses and Princes are the Rephaim, daddy?

-Yes Sally, this could very-well may be happening today. If it happened before, it could happen again. That is what Jesus Christ refers to ‘as in the days of Noah.’

But let us analyze what Isaiah 14:9 says about these Rephaim:

Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.”

That is powerful!


-What is it Sally?

-Does this mean that the Lord of The Rings, Transformers, Wrath of the Titans II and Battleship are talking about the same thing; that these Rephaim are coming out from hell right at the time that Jesus is coming?

-I believe so my dear.


According to the research done, the Rephaim were and could still be members of the Power Elite in military, political and religious institutions of the world. The evidence suggests that they also would return and be unchained in the End of Days. The End of Days is happening now. And as we see Anak Krakatau, the Son of Krakatau, the volcano in Sumatra coming to life, one has to consider that as the legend states; Anak Krakatau will unleashed these demonic entities once again. The article says this about Krakatau:

‘Described by many sources as a phoenix rising out ashes, this cone, growing at a rate of sixteen feet per year, was ominously christened, ANAK, the child of Krakatau: the prodigal son had returned.'

This prodigal son is Quetzalcoatl, ‘Sun of the Underworld,’ the Flying Serpent, The Dragon. The Devil is about to show his ugly face in this 2012.  I will be writing an article on the Mayan Rephaim and the Underworld Cave Access points discovered in Tenochtitlan and in Guatemala.

Lastly, in 1849, Henry Layard managed to retrieve a portion of the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian Creation account,while excavating Nineveh. A terrible omen is announced with respect to the Fallen Angels and us, the Children of God and the lifeless and still greatly unsaved human race:

Stoop not down, therefore,
Unto the Darkly Shining World
Where the ABSU lies in Dark Waters
And CUTHALU sleeps and dreams
Stoop not down, therefore,
For an Abyss lies beneath the World
Reached by a descending Ladder
That hath Seven Steps
Reached by a descending Pathway
That hath Seven Gates
And therein is established
The Throne
Of an Evil and Fatal Force.
For from the Cavities of the World
Leaps forth the Evil Demon
The Evil God
The Evil Genius
The Evil Ensnarer
The Evil Phantom
The Evil Devil
The Evil Larvae
Showing no true Signs
Unto mortal Man.
And the dead will rise
And smell the incense!

“That sounds just like the Transformers movies, dad.” Yes Sally, it does. It surely does.


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