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The Ghost of Treason and the Failing Mexican State

The Ghost of Treason and the Failing Mexican State
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How Felipe Calderon is used as a Weapon against the Mexican Population for the Creation of a New World Order Front
By Alexander Backman www.alexanderbackman.com  www.concienciaradio.com abba@alexanderbackman.com
Wednesday, March 23rd 2011

"Would you la a drunk drive your car? No, right? The why would you let him run the country?"

Impunity is a Death Sentence for the Unaware. Today is the anniversary of the Luis Donaldo Colosio political assassination in the Lomas Taurinas section of Tijuana in 1994 where a ‘lone assassin’ shot him in the head at point-blank range during his presidential campaign. The Mexican Kennedy-style conspiracy has never been fully solved to this day. 17 years later, Mexico still lives governed by the biggest and richest corporate monopoly on the planet. A monopoly that governs the government itself—a clear definition of Mussolini’s and Hitler’s fascist states. Undeniably, the average Mexican citizen is living in a period where the lack of knowledge by design has created a situation where his/her absent-mindedness is leading to demise. The sad current state of affairs that the ‘False Flag’ Drug War that President Calderon has instilled upon our nation is akin to a mix of Civil War led by white-collar criminals running rampant inside the Judicial and Executive Government Bodies that are supposed to give stability to Mexico and a criminal insurgency financed by American and other foreign interests. Mexico is now in a virtual state of siege where death, terror and fear are elements of a tyrannical force that has sequestered the country. Car bombs exploded outside of kindergartens, public beheadings, extortion to businesses, kidnapping of the wealthy and middle-class are the tactics being used by those prepared and led by foreign intelligence agencies in order to make Mexico fall once and for all.

The National Action Party (PAN) is controlled by a secret society network that started off by orders of Hitler in 1937 in the city of Leon Guanajuato Mexico. Under the name of Sinarquismo Nacional, American intelligence documents prove its existence and determined it as a ‘terrorist’ armed group operating illegally with the plan of infiltrating the political structure of Mexico. Today, a mix of secret societies such as the masons, the Vatican ultra-right fanatical fringe organization known as Opus Dei and the Legionnaires of Christ as well as the Jesuits are the true operators of the PAN of today. After the National Synarchism structure was in place, this was changed to ‘La Base’ (The Base) and subsequently into the mind-controlled secret group called ‘El Yunque’ (The Anvil). Within Vicente Fox’s government, 75% of his cabinet was conformed by Zionist (Jewish) aristocrats as well as with Calderon’s government, at a lesser degree.

Fox was known to be addicted to Prozac and constantly unfit to govern the Mexican nation to the extent that his speech blunders and dangerous comments during his press conferences had to be given by,  a Jesuit and Vatican-military asset within ‘Los Pinos’—the Mexican equivalent to the White House. But his policies and national reforms came to a halt with the division of the Federal Congress. That’s when the “little man in Los Pinos” came in, Felipe del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Calderon. And now, after almost 5 years of bloodshed and chaos, he is being accused of High Treason.

In Mexico, on March 18 2011, Congressman Jaime Fernando Cardenas Gracia from the Worker’s Party (PT) finally echoed what I and many others have asked for incessantly ever since Felipe Calderon authorized the implementation of his globalist model to destroy Mexico. Make no mistake, Mexico is being assassinated by design and all the murdered, maimed and sacrificed are spiritually used to feed the beast system that is to come. Cardenas Gracia accuses President Calderon of the crime of high treason for authorizing in secret the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) known as drones to fly over Mexican air-space. It turns out that these operations have been going on since 2 years ago in secret in clear violation of Mexican sovereignty. This in itself is a crime of Conspiracy as Article 108 of the Mexican Constitution states.

"Article 108. Senators and deputies of the Congress of the Union, magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, secretaries of the Cabinet, and the Attorney General of the Republic are liable for common crimes that they may commit during their term of office, and also for crimes, offenses, or omissions that they incur in the exercise of their office."

Governors of the States and deputies of the local legislatures are liable for violations of the federal Constitution and laws.

The President of the Republic, during his term of office, may be impeached only for treason to the country and serious common crimes."

Congressman Jaime Fernando Cardenas Gracia from the Worker’s Party (PT) Accuses Calderon of High Treason

In February of this year, using the terror and fear, Calderon signed a presidential directive that reforms the National Population Law enforced by the National Population Registry (RENAPO). In it, he dictates, as dictators do, to database all children and juveniles in Mexico via biometrics and issued with a new National identity Card. This subjects minors to iris-scanning and a 10 digit electronic fingerprinting. The pretext is to make the children safe from child prostitution and kidnapping. Accordingly, parents and non-Christians alike are flocking, as sheeple mostly do, to the opportunity to have their children tagged and put in an intelligent computer system that will eventually morph into an Orwellian nightmare if it is not stopped now. This decree violates the Constitution and the Individual Rights to Private Property that every Mexican inherits when they are born. Private property as Michael Shaw, an American activist fighting similar tyrannical globalist forces in his hometown of Santa Cruz, Ca with the onslaught of reforms and dispositions for the soviet U.N. operation known as Agenda 21, eloquently says, “Private Property is not only your home or your car, it starts with your right hand, it is in your mind, it is your ideas.”  

These heretical programs first started with criminals and inmates in the penitentiary systems in the U.S.A. and the booking—an old word used for databasing— of terrorists and random citizens in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Invasive technologies such as GPS collars, bracelets, under-the-skin micro chipping, iris scans, 10-digit fingerprinting are other forms that the usurped Military Industrial Petrochemical, Pharmacological Criminal Complex tries to sweetly impose upon the ignorant populations of America and the world. The reason is more than clear, technocratic social control and tracking in real-time of the social human network.

Jerome Corsi, a leading journalist and colleague at the World Net Daily reports, “Critics in Mexico have charged that the Mexican effort to enroll school children in a national biometric personal identity database involves the early implementation of an incremental “new world order” plan designed to fit into initiatives designed under the Security and Prosperity Partnership to evolve the North American Free Trade Agreement into a continental or regional North American Union governmental structure.”   

The Social Networking phenomena as a real-time monitoring tool of the population in real time such as Facebook has been linked to the CIA. As well, Verichip, the company that manufactures biochips has also been linked with the CIA. In 2006, Verint Technologies, another CIA front, in conjunction and authorization of the Department of State under George W Bush and President Calderon built a secret Big Brother facility in Mexico City to track, record and database all communications of Mexican citizens. All emails, text messages, fax messages, phone calls and online activity is traced and logged. This was the start of an evil agenda that is now clear that violates our Constitution. Since then, Calderon has practiced a rule of force to take over the citizenry through technological means. In his presidential campaign in 2006, he announced on national radio that he wanted to place GPS tracking devices on all vehicles and to create a DNA database of the population. Berlin 1933 all over again.

Unbeknown to many is that the entire database of Mexican citizens of the National Federal Voting Card program, a precursor to the National Identity Card program and handled by the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE), was sold to an American CIA-front company called Choicepoint. This in itself shows how vulnerable our identities, our lives and our privacy are under siege and stolen o a daily basis.

fecaziCalderon started with his fascist rule on his first day in power, after stealing the presidency through fraud, when he wore military fatigue as Commander in Chief and heralded the bloodbath that has taken, according to official estimates, the lives of more than 36,000 people. The black figures, the unreported figures, put this number at around 50,000 dead. What is clear now is that his maniacal policy of promised security in exchange for individual rights and the very elements of freedom have snuffed the essence of what Mexico was, a State of the People and for the People; a Constitutional Republic a not the cockamamie idea that it is a Democratic State. In truth, democracy is just a ruse to make people believe that elections are not rigged, policies are transparent and rights are respected.

Now, with the new Intelligence Fusion Centers in Mexico, handled by the DHS, CIA, DOD, DIA, BATF and the FBI and put in operation at the end of last year with their main hub in Mexico City, other satellite offices in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez, it is evident that the takeover of Mexico, the invasion of yet another sovereign country is in full swing by the sequestered Government of the United States. It has to be said, Felipe Calderon is guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Genocide, High Treason against Mexico and its citizens and has violated the Constitution and the Federal Penal Laws without being charged.

Felipe Calderon, nicknamed by the anagrams FECAL and FECAZI by political dissidents, has been linked to drug-trafficking by Mexican author Anabel Hernandez in her book ‘Los Señores del Narco’ where she exposes Calderon’s involvement with illicit activities by creating pacts with drug cartels through Calderon’s right-hand man and Ministry of Interior Juan Camilo Mouriño. Mouriño’s Lear Jet mysteriously crashed and collapsed into flames in Mexico City on the same time and date that Obama won the 44th presidency of the U.S. on 11-4-2008 (11x4=44).

Hernandez defines Mexico as a Narco-State in her book and shows that Vicente Fox is responsible for helping to set free the notorious Mexican drug lord and Sinaloa Cartel chief Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman from a high-security Federal Prison during his sexenium. She shows, thanks to whistleblowers she interviewed, how Zambada, another drug boss, freely unloads and loads drug shipments at Mexico’s Benito Juarez International Airport. Laslty, she demonstrates how the Mexican airline Aviones S.A., linked to drug trafficking, gives maintenance to the Mexican Secretary of Defense’s airplanes.

Hernandez is currently under-threat of death for her truthful publication.

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Carmen Aristegui Interviews Anabel Hernandez on her book 'Los Senores del Narco'
(Watch Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxsrJBQZjgU&feature=player_embedded)

Watch Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axfU7mQ3POw&feature=player_embedded )


Mexican Congressman Gerardo Fernandez Noroña of the Mexican Worker’s Party asked for Calderon’s immediate resignation after reading the Hernandez exposé.
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9ICeRF9S2c&feature=player_embedded )



Calderon has censored leading anchor woman Carmen Aristegui by getting her fired just for questioning his drinking problem. Aristegui, due to the massive protests was reinstated in her job. Calderon has built a New-World-Order type of Unified National Police Force shadowing Hitler’s SS and Stalin’s Gestapo. Also, his antecessor, Vicente Fox, a member of the Club of Madrid, a sister organization of the Club of Rome of which former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo is an honorary member, created a National Standardized Aptitudes Test to all children in elementary schools called ENLACE (link). Outspoken school teachers define it as a perverse exam that is used only to database children’s cognitive levels and intelligence. But, for what reason? To typify and segregate or discriminate who are the one’s worthwhile once they become adults in the technocratic nightmare of a mix of ‘light’ Fascist-Communist double-speak Orwellian rule by the few over the many, E Pluribus Unum.

Enough said, Felipe Calderon is a known and proven heavy-weight alcoholic and criminal and must be held accountable for his crimes of mass genocide, high treason, conspiracy, and tyrannical rule. The Armed Forces of Mexico have already spoken out on this matter and have asked him to change his strategy. They have shown worry at the hinting of the U.S. to extend its military control via the Pentagon’s Northcom program into Mexico under the false auspices of a Drug War gone wrong by design.

MEXICAN SPECIAL FORCESCriminality and impunity in Mexico are normal now. The headlines in our newspapers have dehumanized our future generations with blood and death. The bodies in the street hang from overpasses with men’s testicles in their mouth with nefarious and contradicting messages directed to the President and other Drug Cartels. Justice is badly needed in Mexico and the Mexican Military must remove Calderon from power now! Otherwise, the Ghost of Treason will haunt us and the Selected Elected Elites will allow the killing and extermination of defenseless children, adolescents, women and men to continue unhampered with an unwanted  US led military incursion into Mexico. It seems Qadaffi is not in Lybia anymore, it seems he is in Mexico. Mexico can soon be called Mexistan and then, the U.S. will have to curtail the Mexican Exodus (Mexodus) of millions more seeking refuge from the Beast System that has sequestered their very lives, minds and souls.

Alexander Backman is an independent investigative journalist, language professor and author. He specializes in information analysis with regard to geopolitics, national security, global security, counterintelligence, and counterterrorism. He currently hosts his online radio show known as Conciencia Radio. His websites are www.concienciaradio.com and www.alexanderbackman.com
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