South American Man Manages to Confront Alien Entities after Seeking Refuge in Jesus Christ’s Name

By Alexander Backman

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CRN® APRIL 17 2012- Last Sabbath, being the 14th of April of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I received an email from a man who is from the South American country of Chile. I share the entire email he sent to us so it serves as evidence that Joseph Jordan’s work at the CE4Research Group is finally paying off with souls that are being harassed, tormented and held captive by these pseudo extraterrestrial forces, which in fact are interdimensional minions of Satan; fit extensions of the Enemy’s collective-hive army for the End Times' 2-Thessalonians-2 scenario known as The Strong Delusion via a proxy "Alien Invasion" of earth.

We publish this email hoping that many more can finally find an answer and know that it is only through Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone that these nefarious and evil entities from the heavens can be confronted and definitely stopped as stated in Ephesians 6:12-19.

That is why it is so important that you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior now. Repent of all your sins as a sinner and be baptized in The Lord’s Name.

Once that is done, please strengthen yourself by learning Spiritual Warfare. You may find additional resources at the bottom of this post including a link to the CRN®-Joe Jordan interviews we conducted in 2010, recommended books, and the Spiritual Warfare Training Center on our site.

Additionally, we highly encourage you to watch the Roswell Conferences that Joe Jordan gave in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 available here or watch them below after reading this powerful testimony from the victim who managed to stop this hair-raising experience.

Email 001 from Chile Victim

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Ernesto XXXXXXX
Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2012 8:51 AM
Subject: Necesito su Ayuda desde Chile por favor
(From Chile, I need your help please.)

I wish you the best from life, and hope you are able to keep waking up more people as you did with me and thanks to the Love of Yahshua Ha Mashiach. 

Allow me to present myself, I am Ernesto XXXXX XXXXXX, I am 23 years of age. I am a Paramedic and I am studying to be a Nurse so I can help many more people with my knowledge in Medical Emergencies.  This I out do with all my love, because yes, oh yes, I feel that Jesus is guiding me on this beautiful path in order to save Lives.

I am from the City of Concepcion, Country of Chile (Epicenter of the February 27 2010 8.8° earthquake). As you well know, we have been hit by very strong Earthquakes.

The reason for this email is to relate what happened to me today, Saturday 14 of April 2012, between 06:30 and 07:00 A.M. while I was dosing off, after getting off my shift at the hospital.

While I was falling asleep, I felt something very strange in which I could travel out of my body, but this action terrified me a lot to what I said "I MUST WAKE UP" and I woke up shouting “NO!”, very scared, shaken up, agitated and with a considerable increase in my pulse rate.

I began to calm myself down, I thought about the oddity of the situation and I started getting scared. I got very distressed and did not want to go to sleep anymore. I then realized that I had fallen asleep and I could see, hear and feel my room but I could not move at all.

In this in-between sleep state, feeling my entire surroundings, but without being able to move my body, I heard something moving the desk that is beside my bed. Then I began to see what it was that was moving my desk; and as I was performing this action, but now, in this in-between sleep-state, and as I started opening my eyes, something grabbed a hold of me without letting me move, nor speak, nor scream. I went into a state of utter terror. I started to turn my head to my right with tremendous force in order to see that which was not letting me move because I felt it touching me. I started looking around me and I saw some forms that looked like suspended black-colored clouds. I automatically entered into a total state of fear and I realized what was happening was evil. That is when I realized that the only thing that could help me was Jesus.

I started asking Him to protect me, that I believed in Him, that I loved Him, that I knew that He protected me. When I started doing this in my mind, this thing that was right beside me started to let go and finally I was able to move my neck again and I started to look up to see the face of that which was beside me.—I did this with all my might and strength and while speaking to Jesus Christ alone—After doing this, my eyelids began to tremble and I saw what was beside me was a being o low stature; approximately 4 FT tall, dark in color—between lead and black—, with a big head, with shiny big black eyes. I automatically was able to recognize this being as a Grey and I said the following with all the strength and faith I could muster, “Lord Jesus, deliver me from these Demons. I only love You.” As I finished saying this, these beings fled in a twinkling of an eye.

I heard a big window without any bars being shut in my bedroom and I could move freely. Then I started to cry because I was very afraid but at the same time I felt very safe and happy; with a bittersweet feeling, because I knew that my Lord Jesus protected me when I asked Him with all my faith.

Afterward, I got out of bed and checked that there was no one else in the room and I felt exhausted and I laid myself down thanking Our Lord and Father Yahshua Ha Mashiach.

Brother Alexander, now I am a little afraid that what happened can happen again. What was the objective of these evil beings, true full-fledged DEMONS? Had they managed to do something to me? What did they want to do to me? Help me to know what to do Brother Alexander, aside from thanking you and asking Our Lord and Father Yahshua ha Mashiach to protect me.

Thank you very much.

Ciudad de Concepcion, Chile


Thank you Ernesto for writing to us. First of all, your testimony is very important because you show that it is neither you nor I that can battle these forces of evil but The Power of Jesus Christ alone. It is when we submit our will to Him and ask Him for help that He may come in and deliver us from the Enemy which is Satan, The Devil.

Your email serves as a clear example as with many other cases that we have handled that the forces at play here are truly powerless when we finally are able to identify them not as extraterrestrial but as a demonic hive-collective that Satan has created in order to destroy and torment souls and for other hybrid breeding programs as our research suggests.

We thank you for your email and will be forwarding it as well as this article to our listeners and the Christian team of specialists that currently aid us in this battle against the Enemy in order to set the captives of Israel free once again.

In His Holy Name, I bid you benevolent blessings always,

Alexander Backman

Please watch this lecture Joe Jordan gave at Roswell in 2009.

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