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Baxter International

Is Baxter International complicit in the manufacturing of a deadly incident?  Was it a scare (psy-war) or real attempt to depopulate the world.  George Bush (41) called the Iraq war ... "a crucible for the new world order".  Are these crises a recipe for destruction.

In the book Arsenic and Old Lace it was evidentthe victims just could not believe evil exists in benevolent appearing forms. It does. So snap out of it.    

Baxter was founded in 1931. It has over 45,000 employees and has a presence in over 25 countries.  They report about 13 billion gross to the US and have multiple plants in Communist China.

China was made safe for secrecy and the de-industrialization of the U.S. by Skull & Bones.

Richard Nixon was selected by Prescott Bush (Skull & Bones) to defeat Congressman Jerry Voorhees who wrote a book exposing the active collaboration of large US firms with the Nazi's during the "hot war".

The book Beyond Victory exposed the "cartelization of Europe" with major U.S. firms working with the NAZI's.  The book castigated the installation of the Bank of International Settlements as part of Hitler's dream. Both Bernanke  and Geithner are on the board of BIS.<b>Geithner</b>+and+<b>Bernanke</b>+small.jpg&imgSize=26261&

During this time both Nazi's and members of Skull & Bones sat on the Union bank of NY with NAZI's Johann Gronnger and H.J. Kouwenhoven there was Prescott Sheldon Bush (S&B), E. Roland Harriman (S&B), Knight  Wooley (S&B) and  Ellery Sedgewick James (S&B)

.<b>Averill</b>+<b>Harriman</b>+...&imgSize=16994&  (skull & bones) Averill Harriman was ambassador to Communist Russia and promoted the Communist revolution. George Bush 41 was Ambassador to Communist China and Uncle George Prescott Bush was headed the China US Chamber of Commerce.  He was gate to China trade. Skull & Bones profited while the U.S. was de industrialized. They are now looting us before they kill us ... they think.


Communism is not the people overthrowing the banking establishment but the banking establishment enslaving the people
Baxter International
until recently 1999 was run by Skull & Bones Vernon R. Loucks. This made the organization a virtual intelligence agency. Vernon Loucks  Marine for Life.

  Vernon R Loucks Jr is on the Bohemian Club 2008 list. This Skull & Bones creep is un-American in every way.  A Weaving Spider.

One must remember they are not fighting for the U.S. and it's Constitution but for the International Community and the New World Order. They are fighting for the UN and it's agencies and against "self -government".  

.... I'll take a minute to tell you how important ... people get it through their head ... that "our Intelligence Network" is not "ours".      It is theirs!

You need be very alert to the Skull & Bones network. A working knowledge could save your life and your country. The Skull & Bones acts as part of the nervous system and the brain for the greater "conspiracy". To expose and remove their overt attempt to attempt to enslave mankind can go a long way.

What goes on in Communist China ... goes on not behind an "Iron Curtain" ... but a "Paper Curtain".

Those newspapers who remain after decades of consolidation are those compromised by Operation Monarch.    

Operation Monarch was an intelligence operation was performed by Cord Meyer at the instruction of Allen Dulles an incorporator of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Operation Monarch was to make the lead newspaper in the US as dissemination points to guide the people's though processes into accepting ... no ... demanding a New World Order. Walter E Boomer just a 4 star general on the Baxter International board of directors? Or is this an intelligence/military operation to impose a "Federal United World". Or a New World Order?

Cord Meyer was present with Alger Hiss in SF at the founding meeting for the United Nations. Meyer's Uncle was Skull & Bones .

Cord Meyer created the CIA front ... The United World Federalists.  Ronald Reagan who was already recruited by intelligence services to create propaganda  services was put on it's letterhead and remained there for 12 years.

In fact Reagan helped secure a Communist victory in China. Red Ronnie was in there with the hard core ... The Committee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy.

Reagan stared in a series of propaganda films for the Mobilization for Democracy.  Like Schwarzenegger ... "they" prepared him to lead the Hegelian Right.

Cord Meyer interestingly via Thomas Braden (CIA) using the Congress for Cultural Freedom recruited Gloria Steinem to edit Ms back in 1958. It was published by CIA cutout Elizabeth Forsling Harris. (designed the killing route for JFK in Dallas).

The purpose was to get 2/3rds of the States to call for a Constitution Convention ostensible for the "equal Rights Amendment".

The real reason was to replace the Constitution with a Hitlerian plan. That plan was developed by the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara. This was funded by the Ford Foundation headed by Skull & Bones Mc George Bundy.

The Congress for Cultural Freedom (CIA) funded the European Union. It also funded CIA operative Irving Kristol the founder of the Neo CONs. The bankrolled a phoney magazine ... like National Review ... titled Encounter.

National Review was published by CIA (skull & bones) member William Buckley. Those with nose rings and no brains in the Republican Party are lined up against those with nose rings and no brains in the Democratic party ... and on cue moo against each other. They are oblivious to how few synapses they still can control.,2933,333055,00.html&width=118&height=89&thumbUrl=<b>William</b>+<b>Buckley</b>+shakes+President+...&imgSize=11048&   Skull & Bones Buckley & Bush members made fools of Republican for a century.

With no more brains then a chicken in a cock fight ... the go at each other Left and Right according to someone else's script. All the while the Lilliputians continue to bind them down for their "Final Solution" well represented by the Club of Rome, Skull & Bones, CIA, the Bilderbergers and associated links.    

 The head of the Ford foundation (H. Rowan Gaither) said their purpose was to "so alter the U.S. that it could be comfortable merged with the Soviet Union."

Mc George's brother ... William Bundy edited Foreign Affairs the official quarterly published by (CFR). Allen Dulles incorporated the Council on Foreign Relations.  William Bundy was 10 years in the CIA and gave money to Communist Spy Alger Hiss (CFR). 

 Get a pencil and paper ... I do intelligence reports so people need to write down the following.

Ten Schools Admission Organization ... there are a few score of schools that groom the "coming of age" new world rulers.

The Ten Schools Admission Organization is one of them. Cord Meyer went to St Paul's one of the ten.   Wm Howard Taft IV S& B graduated from same school or recruiting ground.

Taft IV has been the point man for the Law of the Sea Treaty. This treaty gives the oceans over to the UN. 

Lately ...  now the CIA now headed by ( Leon Panetta) ... had been funded by Sun Oil (Pew Foundation) to work with David Rockefeller Jr on a similar ocean commission to turn 70% of the world's surface over to the UN.

Back to Baxter International ... William Graham head of Baxter in 1962 funded Donald Rumsfeld first Congressional Campaign. Rumsfeld connection with the drug companies and the various White House occupants is well known.

Vernon R Loucks (lukes) was a director of the Kellogg Foundation.

The first Eugenics Congress in 1912 was supported by Dr.  J Harvey Kellogg.

Prescott Bush was at one time treasurer of the Eugenics Society working with Margaret Sanger and Hitler's emissaries.

The head of Baxter International is Skull & Bones Vernon R. Loucks was a recent director of the Kellogg foundation.

Widipedia reports that the W. K. Kellogg Foundation have "Fluoridation programs" as a multi year project to "fluoridate the entire region of the Americas."

I don't think my audience is ignorant of the damage to the immune system and IQ that Fluoride causes. The Nazi's over there used it and the Nazis are using it here.

Hitler's second book ... the World Order and it's supporters have an unbroken network ... the goals are the same today and so is their methodology.

Baxter International according to Bloomberg February 24 2009 sent bird flu ... sold as a cure but was a KILLER" to European labs by "error". H5N1 was tested in the Czech Republic killed every animal it was tested on.

It was sent to 18 countries. If it had spread to poultry farms our world wide event would be in full swing ... millions dead.<b>Coffins</b>+In+<b>Georgia</b>?&imgSize=5067&   Coffins waiting for you.

My guess is that Baxter's first bird flu "mishap" in February was the one that was designed to spread.

But the Czechs blocked it by proper testing. This latest swine flu is a feeble backup to test and lubricate the systems for the NWO. They had been patiently waiting for the shoe to drop. Nationalization of local police ..borders wide open etc. International agencies with megaphones ready.

Their planned crack down on the peoples of the world got temporarily derailed.

The Club of Rome has been in the forefront of population extermination ( See Committee of 300 John Coleman).

Prince Philip sees people as something to be eliminated. He "confessed" that he is "tempted" to come back as a "particularly deadly virus" to aid in extermination. He said that 23 years ago.

Prince Philip is not waiting to come back as anything. He is ready to bring on the killing now. He is funding the extermination in concert with the Nazi founded World Wild Life Fund, The Bilderbergers founded by Nazi Prince Bernard and the Club of Rome.

The American people have been so brain washed ... they still talk Republican / Democrat / Left / Right ...while before their very eyes ... the International Bankers are walking off with the store! 

The Club of Rome was founded by Aurelio Peccei the head of Fiat. This week we hear that Chrysler is merging with Fiat. We see trillions being stolen by Wall Street while our Congressmen approve.

One connection is Karenann K Terrell VP of Baxter information had worked for the Chrysler. They are preparing the biggest killing field ever ... the world.  They have said it! They have planned it!

The America people following the "Judas goats" ... Obama and Bush. We are going "gently into that darkness". Stunned and stupid like an ox. They have turned man into an animal ... a human resource for the state to do what ever they want. And they want to reduce the population by 80%

Jacques Yves Cousteau  suggested 350,000 be done away with each day in a UNESCO magazine  UNESCO was founded by Skull & Bones Archibald MacLeish

Links to Aspen Institute, the German Marshall Fund, Packard, Panetta, Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations are redundant with intelligence agency cutouts.   

David Boren the longest sitting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He wrote a bill where the University of Oklahoma would train the CIA, FBI, INTERPO, etc. David Boren is a member of Skull & Bones and is now the head of the University of Oklahoma.

The movie The Good Shepard (about Skull & Bones) was designed to explain away their weird behavior. They admitted the control of one intelligence agency and murder world wide. The the character was portrayed as an extreme "patriot".

Nothing could be further from the truth. Skull and Bones has bee out to destroy the U.S. sovereignty for over a hundred years. These "cultists" and "megalomaniacs" want to build a NWO on the ashes of American Sovereignty.  

While the attention is being focused on the "international " scene ...  the real action is being done at the local level by "nationalizing local government". The is being done under the guise of the environment. This "virus" lives under a number of names first known as Agenda 21. The program should be learned immediately and routed.

It is being imposed by the International City Manager Association and scores to alphabet organization funded by the foundations mentioned above.

Another intelligence asset is McKinsey "advisors to 2/3rds of the Fortune 1000". They recruit CEOs and advise heads of state as to cabinet picks and groom politicians. They are permeated with Rhodes Scholars ... meaning those trained agents following Cecil Rhodes secret will.  Tavistock and the University of Oklahoma prepare our sons and daughters to do the unthinkable.

If you allow the dopes to continue to argue Republican / Democrat / Left / Right you will lose everything you got. The simplest trick in the book. Through a rock over there ... everyone watches. All while you are unaware and being made ready for the kill. 

H5N1 in 18 countries didn't work this time. But don't worry. Baxter International  has a 5 year contract and is working hard on the Swine Flu antidote!


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