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Please go to the GOG MAGOG REVELATION CODE that I was shown by God in December 2012. It is very well connected to all of this.


I was on with Dr. Bill Deagle transmitting live for the Nutrimedical Report on March 5th 2013. Important revelations in real time occurred with respect to the Zombie Newz on this page! Please listen to the stream by clicking on the player below or download the commercial FREE MP3 of the show here. Download the ZIP file here.



I was shown by God that the Gog Magog Invasion or Third World War is tied in to a MAGGOT infestation or infection of sorts. I was shown this today. Here is an email I sent out before the show with Dr. Deagle.



Tue, Mar 05, 2013 1:02 pm


Jesus just shew me  that it is important now to bust open the Christian Deception *CD*.

He shew me a body, His body, the body of His assembly, it is rotting from the inside, there are maggots infesting it.

The infestation is grave and the only antidote/cure is TRUTH.

I was shown that TRUTH is LIGHT in LIQUID form...

We speak it but in the Quantum, in the torroid, IT IS a liquid...

TRUTH shatters all LIES and DARKNESS is exposed,....

EX*--- means behind... sent backward.... and POSED ... means PUT,.,..

so when we EX+POSE we say STAND BEHIND ME SATAN!

EXPOSE IS also to depose... EXPOSE is the same as ESPOUSE... as in SPOUDE...

the Bride... the FALSE BRIDE...

Jesus Christ Almighty, KING OF KING AND LORD OF LORDS OVER ALL CREATION, Blessed is Your NAME, Exalted You ARE forever and ever Father, Son and Holy Ghost!!!

I see the SOn of God now, even with my eyes open, what a sight to behold!!!!

It is now Tuesday March 5th 2013 @12:21 pm PST

Jesus wants us to DE+ESPOUSE or EX+POSE the infection inside her bride!

He is using us in HIS END TIMES ARMY to amputate and salvage what remains....

The Maggots are from THE GOG MAGOG infiltrations. GOG'S MAGOGS

The code is unveiling itself....

I started when I saw this page and received from The Most High God this order to EXPOSE the infection of His Bride.... His Assembly...


Ps 37:6 And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday.
Ps 43:3 O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles.


Rev 18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.



MAGGOT is a three-word trigger word. It contains the words MAGOG, GOG AND OG, the King of Bashan, The Rephaim Giant from Numbers 21 in the Old Testament. The Holy Spirit shew me to look in the OT, the Old Testament for this information. MAGGOT ends as well in OT.

Here are some posts I found on how MAGOG, GOG and OG have to do with an evil trinity and how it is related to a mental-spiritual infection of the population:

Connecting Magog, Gog and Og to Abraham

The first thing to note is that Gog and Magog are joined by a third - Og - mentioned in Numbers 21. Og, Gog and Magog comprise a tribal unity, as do each of the three-son confederations listed in Genesis.  Magog is the best known, being claimed as the ancestor of the Kushitic (Kushan) Scythians. Magog is named in the Table of Nations (Gen. 10) as a descendent or son of Japheth. [READ IN FULL]

And here... even the Muslims believe that the GOG MAGOG could be tied to a ZOMBIE INFECTION!!! They believe that all infidels, non-muslimsm, will be infected by the GOG MAGOG virus.

Also, Ezequiel does mention a plague being unleashed upon the world in the Gog Magog War in Ezequiel 39. There is even a song on this from the Heavy Metal group Separation Anxiety on this plague. The song is called Gog & Magog (Armageddon). Do not listen to the song, it is heavily dense and Satanic. But the lyrics of this song say a lot:

This will be the plague
With which Yahweh will strike all
The peoples who have warred
Against Jerusalem:
Their flesh will consume away
While they stand on their feet,
And their eyes will consume away
In their sockets,
And their tongue will consume away
In their mouth

Any little kid,
Any old woman
In this war
Land cremated,
Water became infected
War for survival,
War against human dignity

In this war,
Each human being is for himself
In this war,
Your friend's dead body it's your food
In this war,
No one knows against who he is fighting
In this war
Chaos is the great conqueror

Any little kid,
Any old woman
In this war
Land cremated,
Water became infected
War for survival,
War against human dignity

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One of the most fascinating aspects of Ezekiel 38-39 is that Islam has its own version of the Battle of Gog and Magog, called the War of Yajuj and Majuj. In two places the Koran specifically mentions Yajuj and Majuj by name (18:96; 21:96). In Islamic teaching on the end times, 10 major signs signal the approach of the end. Gog and Magog is one of these signs. SOURCE COMMENT- Oxford Bible Church

Where are the Gog'n Magog?

The Question, Where are the Gog Magog, are they still improsioned behind a barrier if so then where is that barrier is it underneathe the earth or inside a mountain, in 21 Century where science is diging and diging in search of traces of evolutionary species, are they still unable to find the people of gog and magog or are they hiding their existence from common people like us????? can anyone answer please 1
I only have a little knowledge which i had found via internet or few Books and what i understand is that in The Holy Quran Gog and Magog are refered as a Nation, In Hadith they are not just mentioned as a nation but as a group of people who will try to spread Brawl and corruption in the entire world on massive scale, Yes "As a Group" an enormous group of people who will cause corruption in the entire world and regardless of their origins, wheither they are Jews, Christians, Hindus or even few among us Muslims(Munafiqs).
the only way that can fullfil this hadith :

1- "Yajuj Majuj would be those thousands (who would be the denizens of Hell) and a
person (selected for Paradise) would be amongst you".

2- Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said,

"The first man to be called on the Day of Resurrection will be Adam
who will be shown his offspring, and it will be said to them, 'This
is your father, Adam.' Adam will say (responding to the call),
'Labbaik and Sa'daik' Then Allah will say (to Adam), 'Take out of
your offspring, the people of Hell.' Adam will say, 'O Lord, how
many should I take out?' Allah will say, 'Take out ninety-nine out
of every hundred." They (the Prophet's companions) said, "O Allah's
Apostle! If ninety-nine out of every one hundred of us are taken
away, what will remain out of us?" He said, "My followers in
comparison to the other nations are like a white hair on a black ox.

as mentioned in some of the hadiths, when Hazrat Eisa(allie-he-salam) will kill the dajjal they will be ordered to go to mountain toura along with the Muslims(the one true group and follower of Rasul Allah(Sallalaho allihe wasalim) and Sahaba(Razillalahu tallah anhum) they will reside on the mountain and then the end of Gog magogs will start, as narrated in hadiths, Allah will order a worm which will attack on their neck and will eliminate them all from the face of earth.

Note: what kind of worm could that be, Some sort of disease a virul infection, which will spread from 1 personn to another(just like a zombie infection) and will eliminate the entire gog magogs. In order to whipe out their bodies and remaining traces of virus from earth, Allah(swt) will order clouds to rain and birds will carry their body which also means that the rain will remove all the traces of Viral infection so that the Muslims residing on mount toura can return and live happily and the prophecy of the end of time will be fullfilled, The 1 true religion remained in the End the time of Justice, Peace and those will be the most luckiest people of their time, who lived to see the Miracles of a True Prophet of Islam Eisa ibne Mariam(allie-he-salam) in modren world
Note dont take it to seriously because these are just childish assumption 1

Mohammed clearly “borrowed” a lot of this from Ezekiel 38-39 to fit his own ends. What's interesting is that although Muslims believe in the prophecy of Gog and Magog, they are ignorant of the fact that the nations mentioned in prophecy that will be destroyed by God are all Muslim nations today, with the exception of Russia. One of their ten great signs of the end will actually be fulfilled by them when they attack Israel in the last days. Gog and Magog are a vast group of Muslim nations. SOURCE COMMENT

While on the show I confessed to Dr. Bill that I had a revelation of the word ZOMBAMBA while preparing this ZOMBIE NEWZ page. That Obama is ushering the Zombie Nation scenario. He concurred that TPTB are making the patriot God-fearing Christians be seen the real Zombies.

Look at what I found on the word ZOMBAMBA!


A new Zatanic song in the Z times...

SOMBAMBA – by Valanga Khosa
Transl. “We are go to take apartheid and through it in the ocean until it drowns”
Sombamba u partieti, Si zo mbamba partieti tina
Si zo mbamba Si zo mbamba (oh__ Ku sho tina___)
Ku sho tina Si zombamba Si zo mbamba
Lalela we na Na we nawe, Lalela lalela lalela
Lalela lalehela
Sombamba, Sombamba, etc..

The Harlem Shake...

And now some more wierd stuff. This Harlem Shake phenomenon that is taking the unaware and unsaved souls captive into this new Zombiefied state of sexual cult worship. The image below is from a viral multi-million viwed video on Youtube compendium of THE HARLEM SHAKE song. Be aware that this is how the Zombie infection is being spread as a meme into the hive-mind in Satan's End of Days Army.

Look at the man dressed in the pink bunny suit. He is showing his genitalia while stroking it in the uncensored video. Look at how many people saw this and are getting infected by Satan!!! 16 million.

Now, on the left, look at the demon I captured on the screenshot I took. It is a demon manifesting.

Is this a Zign of a a Zpiritual Infection? Be advised! Zatanic Behaviour shown. Infection. Watch this video!



By Alexander Backman

ZOMBIECRN®- March 5th 2013- In May 2012, the world was literally overtaken by headlines that delve into the bizarre and unimaginable: A homeless man was attacked by a 'zombie' flesh-eating man on the Miami Causeway. It never became clear why or what made 31-year-old Rudy Eugene eat off the entire face of his victim who survived.

Copy-cat events ensued when another man under the influence of supposed 'bath salts' went on another rampage. Then a man in New York City apartment started cutting out his intestines and throwing them to police officers. In another unrelated event a women tried to eat her own baby as she was nude in the street. All this in a matter of weeks. Headlines that were oddly related by those who control the masses via the lamestream media and want to direct the attention of the mind-controlled citizenry toward ZOMBIES and other apocalyptic scenarios. Please se map of registered events here.

The Los Mochis Cannibal

Also in September 2012, across the border in Sinaloa Mexico, a 24 year-old man entered the lobby of a prestigious hotel in the state capital of Los Mochis and, with a machete in hand, debowled himself and started eating his insides in plain view of the public. He was rushed to a hospital by paramedics after he lunged at them and attacked them shouting 'I WANT TO DIE!'

Government-sponsored Zombie Drills are back

Well now, I thought the Zombie news -or NEWZ as I have named this section - was long gone and over with. I was wrong. It is back and who else but FEMA and the US Government announcing a, get this. a Zombie UFO Crash Disaster Full-scale Excercise in Moscow City Idaho. If it wasn't for Nevada Governor 2014 candidate, David Lory vanDerBeek, and his discovery of a real FEMA Zombie UFO crash drill scheduled for 2014 on its official website and his capturing of the onscreen images from the FEMA site to back up as evidence before the post was deleted, this story would been taken as a another on of those 'conspiracy theories' and part of a disinformation campaign. But no, the evidence is solid.

Moscow City USA? How's that for the total Marxisization of a nation?

Is it not reminiscent of the recent Resident Evil 6 movie where Alice (Mila Jojovich) goes through various scenarios in an underground bunker from the ex Soviet era that tests out Zombies that attack her and a team that join here? She has to go through one of the sectors and it is a simulation of Moscow.

And then there is always Racoon City, right?

And what do racoons transmit to humans? Rabies!!!

CDC, 'The Center for Disease Creation',
Zombie Apocalypse is Coming!

It reminds me of the mock Zombie Apocalypse that the Center for Disease Control out of Atlanta promoted as well in 2010 on their official government site, now removed. They even came out with a comic book on the matter. Yes, they were promoting a vaccine. After all, vaccines are in fact bi_logical w_apons of choice that almost always contain virus strains that can mutate and are, as it has been proven time and time again, responsible for outbreaks and serious upticks of the very diseases they are designed to prevent. Do the research on this and it will astound you that the US and other Governments certainly have created terrible biological weapons at Plum Island New York and Fort Dietrich Maryland.

Once again, the CDC came out and asked the citizens in Ohio to dress-up as zombie ghouls for an emergency preparedness plan in 2011. Again we ask, is this rational real-scenario behaviour by the US authorities with regard to a biological threat to be released some time soon? Is the Government aware of more than what it is sharing?

Of course it is!

Before I give you my answer. Some more facts. Keep these two rules in mind though.

Rule #1: Governments Lie.

Rule #2: When the Government says 'there is nothing to worry about' and that 'the siruation is all under control', they are lying and you better get out of Dodge!

Rule #3: When the Government says 'We are going to have to ask you to come with us please', then it is probably time to meet your Maker.

The ReZearch

Last year, I teamed up with some serious researchers including innoculation activist and vaccine specialist Dr. Rebecca Carley and also a Colonel who is very well active in the Intelligence Community.

Another researcher that joined the pack served in the Navy and is very privy into how the black budget is being spent in this country.

Lastly, another great man from Tucson Arizona joined as well.

We all started compiling the data and tried to make sense of it all. Well let me tell you, we came to some startling conclusions as we began to tie the loose ends with regard to all these Zombie-Apocalypse type of events hitting the news.

Dr. Carley is a Surgeon and foremost expert into how the government and other private interests are actively involed in creating super viruses and as she said in our many phone conversations with regard to the events around the 2012 Zombie wave that 'they' were testing soemthing on the population, priming them, as if these were dry-runs for something bigger. Cr Carley believes it has to do with the rabies vaccine.

Remember the Boston underground or subway bioterrorism drill also held in July 2012? The one where they were going to test the distribution of some new medicine through the release of a live bacteria to make it look as a mock bioweapon?

At the same time all this was going on, Dr. Carley uncovered that rabies vaccine packets that contained the live attenuated form of the deadly virus were disperesed by airplane over the entire wildlands of the CONUS (Continental US), including Texas.

Dr. Carley suggests that they might even have started to release a new form of LSD rabies-laced bioweapon and tested it on humans and saw the events transpire in real time in American cities.

Here is a Youtube version of her 2012 interview with Alex Jones:


After knowing people in the Black Ops sector, I can atest to the fact that these bioweapons do exist. Zombie-type bioweapons do exist and have been tested in Uganda and other Central African nations before. The Merks behind this surely know what I am talking about (Pun intended).

ZMOKING GUN! Zombie apocalypse scenario is taken seriously and studied by scientists

Our research led us to a real whitepaper document published by a top-level research organization in Canada. In 2009, scientists published the results of their zombie biowarfare pandemic in the form of an outbreak in the US. In the report they even show how the virus spreads and how it can be contained. Surprisingly, there is even a mathematical formula in their PDF report where the scientists detail they speed at which the virus infects other hosts as it spreads.

In: Infectious Disease Modelling Research Progress
Editors: J.M. Tchuenche and C. Chiyaka, pp. 133-150
ISBN 978-1-60741-347-9

c 2009 Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

The group responsible for the report is called The MITACS Elevate and it focuses, according to their website, in 'BIOTECH' and other 'New and Emerging Sectors'. It uses Fellowes and Ph.Ds for its research studies groups.

Source: MITECS website- Notice the letter Zzz and the 666 embedded within the word Killer.

This is no small group we are talking about here. They are very real and we started to dig into their site one found this image aside from their now removed Zombie virus report.

Why they removed the Zombie outbreak report PDF from their site is unknown. For research purposes and to provided evidence and validity to our investigation, we uploaded the report here for you to download and read in its entirety.

Does the name MITACS Elevate mean anything to you?

What does it stand for?

Do I hear Illuminati-Rothschild-sponsored front here?

Is all this normal? After all, these are real studies being conducted at universities here; studies that involve grants and money from Governments and private institutions. What are they up to? Why all this research into a Zombie outbreak since 2009?

What is the US Government up to with this Zombie campaigns anyway?

Is there any validity to all the Zombie hype here?

We think there is.

Do they know something you and I do not know?

Yes, we think the know a lot more than what we are being led to figure out.


ZOMBIE ZELLOut of the blue, just 3 weeks ago, on February 20th 2013, at the infamous Sandia Laboratories at Los Alamos in New Mexico, the USGOV has created, thanks to the US taxpayers' sequestered taxes that funded -NOW GET THIS!- a real Zombie Cell! You guessed it! A real live ZELL (Pun intended.) that has increased performance after the host dies! Read the report for yourself!

What reason would there be, at Sandia Labs of all places, to create this Zombie Cell unless it were for advanced biological weapons?

Finally, this 2013 is the release of World War Z, a movie based on the book by Max Brooks, that brings the Z kill and Zombie Apocalypse to the big screen.


Are they ushering in the Z as in the last letter of the alphabet as in Omega for the Greeks or what? In roman letters the last letter is Z. Remember that.

All in good timing, I suppose.

The End of Dayz are definitely here.

Time to prepare.

Stay aware!

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Zombie headlineZ

Researchers Develop ‘Zombie’ Cells That Can Increase Performance After Death

Another comment by John Dinardo.

Hey Brother Alexander,

I'm pleased to learn that you are not ashamed to declare when the Spirit of Yeshua imparts His thoughts into your mind. This means that you have the faith OF Yeshua imparted to you.
Those who never speak of having received thoughts from God are those who are not in the habit of imagining the reality of our invisible God all around us every moment. You have faith in Yeshua because He has given you the faith OF Jesus Christ.
Notice that so often in the King James Bible, they change faith of Jesus to faith in Jesus. How can we have faith of our own dead "dry bones"? [Ezekiel 36]. We cannot. Rather, it is God who has brought those dead dry bones [spiritual Israel] to life, and who has made them stand and walk, just as God brought Lazarus back from the grave. So continue to imagine the reality of invisible God all around you and in you, and then God will continue to impart supernatural insights into your mind.


Comment By John Dinardo....

Glenn Beck reports that the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Centers for Disease Control are soliciting Ohio citizens to become street-crowd Halloween-type zombies (similar to ghouls). Meanwhile, the media has reported several human flesh-eating zombies attacking innocents on the streets of several cities. At least one medical doctor (drcarley.com) suspects that there is a connection between the Centers for Disease Control's involvement in this Ohio zombie street play, and the Center for Disease Control's esoteric infusion of the rabies virus into government-administered vaccines. Everyone knows that rabies infection causes madness, ghoulishness, both in dogs and in humans.

Many are aware that the movie industry gets some of its movie themes from our government intelligence agencies (e.g. The X-Files predicted airplane attacks upon the World Trade Center). Here is the trailer for the movie QUARANTINE. By diligent study, you may surmise that this movie theme was given to the movie moguls by U.S. intelligence agencies.