• The Chinese influenza H7N9 virus, a bioweapon?
  • Top Level illuminati meeting in London mentions reducing the world’s population by 50%
  • Illuminati planned to release a biological weapon to cull down China’s population by 80%


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BIOWEAPONSUPDATE! April 11th 2013> After the publishing of this explosive article by Alexander Backman, a Chinese PLA Col. came out publicly and echoes what Professor Backman stated in the following report: that the H7N9 virus that is spreading out of control in China is in fact a Biological Weapon of mass Destruction that the United States released on its population. After what the U.S. has done already in the world, it would not surprise me one bit. This is an important confirmation of how quantum entanglement brings out the best in us. FOR TRUTH ALWAYS! - Alexander Backman.

CRN® APRIL 10 2013 (MEXICO)—With today’s report about the H7N9 influenza virus spreading like wildfire in China already killing 9 and new evidence that suggests that the deadly virus can now mutate 8 times faster than the regular flu, one has to wonder, could this influenza virus turn into a world-wide pandemic? After all, in Mexico we lived through the AH1N1 scare that killed many people and after studying the evidence, it became more than evident that it was a militarized biological weapon used from economic and political gain.

What is also interesting is the fact that virus do not mutate 8 times faster just because; they are designed to do so. This virus, in my opinion, is a biological weapon that has been released upon the Chinese population. But first, why do I think this is so? But first this…

A Fear Mongerer’s Disclaimer

I guess I am going to have to pull a ‘Steve Quayle’ on you this time.  

What do you mean Alex?

Well, a Steve Quayle is when someone spreads fear and rumors for some form of narcissistic pleasure and uses the alternative media outlets to do so while at the same time plugging a book or product to quench the scared audience’s fears. Not by me. Not so today. Sorry to disappoint you. 'Whooh the rush!! You wanted another one of those Steve Quayle’s suitcase nuke threats like the one he did on Coast to Coast about 5 years ago, huh?

Well, in this case, I do not thrive from spreading this information but believe it is important as a researcher for you to know that the agenda for mass kill is fast approaching. The World War Z or World War Omega, the War to End all Wars is dawning and if you wish to read on, you may do by your own volition.

Create the Weapon, Test it and Get Rid of the Evidence

From experience, the 2002-2003 SARS outbreak is another clear sign of many genetically-tailored viruses that are in possession of selected groups who hire scientists to concoct their deadly weapons and then tie the loose ends by killing them. Then they deploy the genetically-tinkered disease and study it in beta runs or dry runs on civilian populations and study its efficacy.

It is a well-known fact that biological weapons are more easily to be deployed than nuclear or chemical weapons.

Two weeks ago, a Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever virus mysteriously escaped from a Texas University Biosafe Level 4. I wonder what scientists stole it and sold it off to terrorists or God-knows who wanted the vial.

To get a better grasp of the threat, you can read this article on the Communist Invasion of America that I wrote in 2012.

WMDs: The New Normal?

NUKE ANIMATIONAlso, we are now seeing the worst scenario playing itself out in this worldly stage of the bizarre. Chemical weapons are now in the hand of terrorists in the Middle East. CIA-Illuminati-sponsored Al Qaeda muhajedin have moved them from Iraq to the border between Syria and Lebanon. These chemical weapons of mass destruction have already been deployed and used recently in the Syrian civil war which has killed more than 80,000 people.

The use of bioweapons and chemical weapons in this asymmetrical Third World War is an example of what is in store for the world.

In it I mention

    that in 2004 Islamic cells were detected in Tijuana, Mexicali, and Algodones Baja California Mexico. They were preparing multiple terrorist attacks within the US from inside Mexico. Biological weapons cited. Cells were actively looking for Mexican scientists to arm the bioweapons. Plans exist to use and deploy weapons in future attacks against the US via missile launches from Algodones Baja California. Target cities are Phoenix, Los Angeles and Houston. Havana Cuba mentioned as well.

    Also in 2004, Radical Islamic training camps were detected in Sonora Desert, just north of San Carlos Sonora. Mexican authorities contact US officials. US says to Mexico “back off, they are with us.” Mexico backs off from the matter.

    In addition, in 2006, a Mexican businessman that has strong relations with China confirmed to me in person that Chinese Army financed recent Mexican highway systems in Baja California. He asserts that these operations are meant for the communist invasion of America by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. He said he was told that, “It is for the tanks that are to be brought over.”

    The Third World War is a Play and the World is its Stage or Theater of Operations

    Below is an excerpt from an interview by Bill Ryan from Project Camelot with a British Nuclear Weapons Specialist who attended a top-level secret meeting in the City of London back in 2005. In the meeting held by top Elitists from the Illuminati and the Catholic Church, the total step-by-step scenario or blueprint for World War Three was discussed in minute detail. They call it the Anglo Saxon Mission.

    In a nut shell, the Illuminati-scenario or supremacist Anglo-Saxon Mission includes a limited nuclear exchange in the Middle East and possibly the Far East. All it takes is for Kim Jung-Il to show his cojones to the people of his country by attacking Seoul for all this to go south. Now that the North Korean threat is as real as it gets and China and Russia already showing troop movement on its eastern borders with the DRPK, it looks like a certain probability that Vladimir Putiin’s comment this week will ignite the world into open war and make Chernobyl look like a fairytale.

    An Anglo Saxon Mission Excerpt

    On to the excerpt of the transcript with the witness who was present at the Illuminati meeting:

    (I put in bold the important information and underline the most important part.)

    Bill Ryan (B):  Okay. So what you're saying, then, is that there's a long-term plan which has been decided quite a while ago to set up the situation, to set up the chessboard, the global chessboard, so that there will be a war with China. This is what you're saying.

    Witness (W):  Yes, in a nutshell. You've got it. It's a whole series of events, and a lot of them have been realized. And again I can only emphasize that time seems to be critical.

    B:  What has happened, and what is yet to happen, and what is the eventual roll-out plan that they want to happen if everything that they wanted were to occur?

    W:  Well, the plan is for the fuse to be set off in the Middle East again, in a way that would make the previous conflicts in the Middle East look like playground scraps.

    It will involve the use of nuclear weapons and, again, it's to create an atmosphere of chaos and extreme fear, not just in the West but throughout the world, and to put in place what I've mentioned as unified totalitarian Western governments; and to do this China needs to be taken out, politically and socially, for this to happen.

    B:  So what they're doing here, they're killing two birds with one stone. They're using this as a justification to create what many on the internet have called the One World Government, except that's not including China. You're talking about the Western nations in lockdown alliance against this new threat.

    W:  It's specifically the Western nations, but I think we've also got to include Japan in this too.

    B:  And how about Russia? Where does Russia stand?

    W:  I believe Russia is a player, but I've got no evidence. For some reason or other Russia really doesn't get a look in here; and it's just an assumption of mine that that Russian government that's in place at the moment is hand-in-hand with the controlling players that are here in the West.

    B:  Hm. So you're saying that because in this meeting that you attended, Russia wasn't mentioned as a major factor.

    W:  No, none at all. The only way it was mentioned is that the whole idea is to create a condition of chaos throughout the world. It would mean the later use of biological weapons, widespread food shortages, which will affect vulnerable countries across the globe, followed by mass starvation and disease.

    The only mention that Russia gets in here is an odd one which I can't explain and maybe someone else can. I can't really get my head around this. But within this meeting it was mentioned: "to cause the Chinese military to attack Eastern Russia". Now, I can't qualify that and why that was mentioned at the meeting -- I just don't know.

    B:  Okay. So just to go back to what I mentioned a minute ago, about two birds with one stone. One goal here, then, is to establish a united alliance of Western countries with a kind of totalitarian "emergency war footing", heavy control aspect to it. And the other aspect is actually to light the fire of this war, which will result in all kinds of chaos and presumably an enormous number of people dying somewhere.

    W:  Yes.

    B:  The Chinese population? Or everyone on the planet? Is this part of the population reduction plan? What did they say?

    W:  Well, there was talk about biological agents being used, described as being flu-like and it would spread like wildfire. Now, they didn't mention it at this meeting, but I know now that it will attack people genetically, not everybody together. How that would happen... I'm not a geneticist, I really don't know. One can only assume that it's linked to DNA in some way.

    B:  Mm hm.

    W:  And the differences that are found in DNA. These differences have been identified and the viruses can be made that could kill a person off and do it quite quickly.

    B:  And so the viruses are genetically targeted is what you're saying?

    W:  Yes.

    B:  Genetically targeted for racial type, or more specific even than that?

    W:  Racial type. I can be quite definite on that. They're talking about extinction of a whole part of the human race, doing so genetically.

    B:  Are they talking about getting the Chinese out of the way because they're an inconvenient major group that's not playing ball with the global plans? Or are they talking about this as an excuse to thin down the entire world's population, including that in the Western countries?

    W:  Well, it's a very good question and as far as I can see, it's a hypothetical one. Again, I can't give you an answer to that one. From a personal point of view, it definitely appears to be a thinning of the world's population and it's getting it down into a controllable size for this government that's going to come, in order for them to have the control that they wish for. Otherwise, they wouldn't have it.

    It even sickens me to speak about this now, it really does. It sickens me no end that they would go ahead and do this sort of thing; that such things have actually been spoken about. They're bringing the population down to what they coldly believe to be a "manageable level".

    B:  Can you reference in this meeting that you attended to those levels, or the numbers, or the percentages, or anything tangible that you can remember?

    W:  Yes. They're talking about half.

    B:  Wow. That's a lot of people.

    W:  Yes. It is.

    B:  Okay.

    W:  That's bringing it back down by half.

    B:  So that's more than the Chinese, then. That answers that question, doesn't it?

    W:  Well, in a nuclear exchange -- and I believe there will be a limited nuclear exchange -- there will be some sort of ceasefire. That was spoken about; they anticipated a quick ceasefire, but not before millions had already died, principally in the Middle East.

    So we're probably talking about Israel here, the population in Israel being sacrificed. Also places like Syria, Lebanon, possibly Iraq, definitely Iran, you know, the towns and major cities, power plants and so forth, that sort of thing. And then a ceasefire before it goes full-out.

    B:  A cease...? Wow. Sorry, I'm interrupting you, I do apologize. A ceasefire before it goes full-out?

    W:  Yes, it's like some sort of game of poker where they already know what hands are going to be dealt. They know what's going to be dealt. They know that scenario could be brought about and that scenario can be ended again with a ceasefire. So we'll have the ceasefire, and it's during this time of the ceasefire that events will start to really take off.

    B:  Do you know how?

    W:  Yes. This is when biological weapons will be used.

    B:  Oh...

    W:  This will create the conditions where biological weapons can be used. And here you've got to imagine a world, now post-nuclear war, or limited nuclear war, in chaos, financial collapse, and totalitarian governments coming into place.

    B:  And a lot of damage to infrastructure.

    W:  People living in total fear and panic -- this is what's going to happen next. You'll have a scenario... and this again was talked about, and I can go into some detail about how people will become more controllable with no one coming out in contention about what's going to happen because their own safety and security has now being placed firmly in the hands of those who are saying they can protect it best.

    And it's in this ensuing chaos of a post-nuclear exchange that these biological weapons will be deployed in such a fashion where there will be no structure, no safety-nets, for anybody to counter this type of biological onslaught.

    And it should be mentioned, for those who are not aware, that biological weapons are just as effective as nuclear ones; it just takes a while longer -- that's all.

    B:  Yes. Now, the deployment of the biological weapons following the ceasefire, is that something that happens covertly, like all of a sudden people will start getting ill and no one knows where it came from? Or is this an overt weapon deployment that would be very obvious?

    W:  I don't think it would be overt, because the Chinese people are going to be hit by the flu! So there'll be a worldwide flu epidemic, perhaps, with a country like China -- or China, because China is mentioned -- being the one that's going to suffer most.

    B:  Okay. Now, if you were a Chinese military commander, what would you do in this situation? Presumably you would retaliate.

    W:  Yes, indeed. The type of retaliation the Chinese armed forces could provide is not the same as those that are held in the West. The type of weapons that the West can deploy very, very quickly far outstrips anything that's within the technological grasp of the Chinese armed forces at the moment -- although they're getting better as time goes on.

    But when I'm talking about China, we're talking about the People's Liberation Army, the People's Army, getting together quite quickly, and you're talking about mass movements of troops somehow into zones where they can engage with their opposite number.

    And in this type of exchange that's going to be nuclear... that's why I mentioned right at the very beginning... there will be a conventional war to begin with, then it will quickly go to nuclear with either Iran or the Chinese being provoked into first use, is because they won't be able to be in a position to defend themselves properly against what the West can deliver conventionally without going nuclear first.

    B:  Okay. So the Chinese are going to be obliged to go into a preemptive strike.


    With the recent information of the highly-mutagenic influenza virus hitting China, the escalation and nuclear threats by Iran and North Korea, all is going according to the Elite’s schedule. We can expect a conventional war followed by a limited nuclear exchange started by either China or Iran. All this in tandem with the release of a genetically-designed influenza virus that would spread worldwide killing off at least 50% of the world’s population. That is 3.5 billion people being wiped off the map.

    I hate to say this, but it sure looks like this project by the Illuminati is steadily and slowly coming into view.

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    Backman: A WMD has been deployed by the World's Elite in China


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