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U.S. ELECTION UNVEILED: Why America is Doomed with or without Obama

Former Mormon and Bible authority on the occult labels Romney as a high-level Luciferian and warns America of a coming Communist ‘United Order’ dictatorship if Mormon candidate wins election.

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By Alex Backman | |

CRN® NOV 2-2012- I decided to write this article with the hope that US citizens wake up to the reality that the 2012 US election is rigged both ways. On one side you have the Communist, non-Christian Muslim sympathizer and soviet agent Barak Obama and the Mormon and Luciferian Communist-Dictator-wanna-be – Mitt Romney.

On Oct 19th 2012, I interviewed Dr. Bill Deagle. He mentioned that he has decided to vote for the lesser of two evils, in this case, Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. I am not even American but I have enough experience here to weigh in and tell every American citizen to annul their vote on November 6th. Yes, you heard correct, annul your vote. This means to go cast your ballot with a big X over the whole ballot, and in the case of electronic voting machines, well, you are screwed because you will not be able to do anything to invalidate your vote except by not voting all. This in turn would create a bigger problem since, the Powers that Be, the CFRs and the Trilateralists have the George Soros voting machines rigged. So, whoever they want in power, they will decide who the Czar, literally, the King will be.

I decided to transcribe and important part from a pivotal interview that with ex Mormon and former Satanist Bill Schnoebelen. He was on Infowars Nightly News last October 30th taking about the dangers of participating in Halloween, and in the middle portion, he had this to say about Mitt Romney and his Mormon Church affiliation. This is something that every American must know!

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Note: More information than what I transcribed below is in the audio file.

Bill Schnoebelen“The problem with Mitt Romney is that he is a high priest in the Mormon Church. He comes from a very old Mormon family; I think five generations of Mormons. And he is very much connected. He’s been to the Temple. He’s gone through secret Luciferian ceremonies. And he’s sworn blood oaths that in his mind would be more important than any oath he might take as President of the United States to defend the Constitution.

The Mormon Church has a weird eschatology; a weird view of the End Times. They believe that one day ‘One Mighty and Strong’, as they call it, will rise and will save the Constitution of the United States.

And among Mormons, for many years when I was a Mormon, which was in the early eighties, they were talking about this; that one day we will have a Mormon become President. This is what they were shooting for way back since the 70s and 80’s.  ‘And when that happens, we will make him the prophet and he will become the benevolent Dictator over America and the Constitution will be done away with and we will bring what is called A United Order’.  

If you look that up, on Google or whatever, as to what the Mormon Church teaches, the United Order is a communist society where everybody owns everything in common— kind of like a kibbutz, except like at a national level— and this isn’t good because it would mean that the Mormon Church would be running the country. 

People would say, ‘that is science-fiction’, well, not entirely, this is what they believe. And of course, a lot of what Mormons believe sounds like science-fiction. They believe they can become gods. I mean, Mitt Romney thinks that one day he will become a god and his wife will become a goddess and they will reign over many planets and they will have many spirit babies, millions of them.  This is Mormon doctrine; I used to believe this stuff.  And the problem is that there is a dark side to Mormonism.  If you actually go through the Temple, which I have done many times, you will see that most of the key doctrines in the temple are taught actually by a guy dressed up as Lucifer. And there is so much Luciferian stuff in the Temple that it is really kind of scary. You look at the Salt Lake Temple and some of the other temples and you’ll see they’re covered with pentagrams; they’re covered with all-seeing eyes."

Crazy conspiracy theories? How about conspiracy facts! Watch this illustrative video on 'What Mormons Really Believe' and realize what Mitt Romney truly represents. And now that I am at it, this is what Glenn Beck and God knows how many more in the US power structures believe and bow down to. It will only take 6 minutes of your time.


Schnoebelen went on to say the following about the Mormons :

Bill Schnoebelen"We did this DVD called Mormons and the Temple of Doom 2011 Edition which we have on our website (, and we have pictures there of all this creepy stuff, high quality photos  of inverted pentagrams, which many should know is a symbol of Satan, and upside-down five-pointed star. This is not good. This is the energy that is behind Mitt Romney. As nice as he appears, I am not saying he is a devil worshipper; he may or may not be, that’s between him and his god.

I have sources inside the high levels of the Mormon Church and I have been told that he is very much plugged into the Illuminati to the Bilderbergs, all these high-level conspiracy types, and I do not know what would happen if he became President.  I cannot tell anybody how to vote or not vote but I just think we should be on our knees praying and fasting for our country during this critical time because we are in trouble like we have never been in trouble since the days of the Civil War.”

Enough said!

So, America, I have very bad news for you, you are doomed for destruction and annihilation if any of these two lesser devils come into power and take over in Satan’s number one principality, Washington DC, in 2013. And the way things are looking, as somber as they maybe, the United States is being utterly destroyed from within as the World Order comes into shape just as the Illuminati wants it to be. In this case, Mitt Romney fits the model for Satan’s priest quite well. Obama is worse even. But Romney, as with all luciferians, worships one god and that is Satan.

The only Christian solution is to not vote! Americans must send a message to the Congress and the media by abstaining themselves from voting on November 6 and ask for new candidates. Ask for candidates that do not belong to secret societies with secret oaths and who are in legion with other states and other-worldly entities of evil. Just then, maybe America will have a chance. If not, then all hell is going to literally break loose.

In conclusion, Schnoebelen had this to say when asked about his outlook on the 2012 Presidential election:

“I just offer this up to Yahweh, the Head of the universe, and say ‘you gotta straighten this country out.’ Obama can’t do it, Romney can’t do it, only going back to the Bible can do it.”

At the end of the day, in this demonically-infested world of lies, murder and deceit, it is ‘they’ who always win. I just pray that Jesus Christ, Yeshua, comes quickly and brings Judgment upon this world. Lest I forget, many prophecies still need to happen for that to transpire any-time soon. Sorry to burst the bubble of all those that cling to the Rapture-Bus crowd.

I will see you all at the final trump.


Resident Evil 6 turn Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney into flesh-eating monsters

Who is Bill Schnoebelen?

Recognized as a Biblical authority on alternative religions and the occult, previous to his salvation Bill spent sixteen years as a teacher of witchcraft, spiritism and ceremonial magick. To Yah'Shua's glory, the Ruach has continually used Bill's experience as a Druidic high priest, ordained spiritist minister and former Satanist to teach Christians the intricacies of spiritual warfare and minister to those lost in cults. He also spent nine years as an active member of the Freemasonic fraternity (both York and Scottish rite) and five years as a devout member of the LDS (Mormon) church, where he held numerous offices, including elders' quorum president. Bill held temple recommends in the LDS church for four years.  His website is:


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