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By Alexander Backman


CRN® FEB-19-2013- It seems that Rick Wiles from Trunews is surely joining the dots about the meteorite that struck Russia last Friday. Wiles, the host of Trunews.com, and his guests from last Monday suggested that the current collapse of the US economy in conjunction with the losing of 95% of its current market value, its unpayable 16 trillion dollar deficit, and its 80% manufacturing contraction are conduits that inevitably lead to an escalated form of WORLD WAR THREE.

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Wiles also hinted at the notion that the Russian meteor could have been a US space weapon use to target a specific ICBM training center that the Russians use to train the North Koreans.

Just the mere odds that on the very day that an Asteroid (DA-2014) whizzed by earth  and a meteorite struck the town of Chelyabinsk Russia -wreaking havoc, mas panic, hysteria, millions of shattered windows and factories destroyed as well as more than 5,000 buildings being damaged- is slim to none, simply astronomical; especially if one is to take into account that Chelyabinsk is the location where the North Koreans receive training for the manufacture and operation of ICBMs (intercontinental fatalistic missiles).

Wiles cited what Russian ultranationalist and hot-blooded legislator Zhirinovsky suggested on the meteor strike saying that it was not a meteor but that the US is testing one of its new space-based technologies. 

Zhirinovsky could be right this time if one takes into account aerospace and space weapons expert Dr. Carol Ross' testimony in 2001 at the Disclosure Project. She mentioned that Wernher von Braun, the NAZI rocket engineer that ended up at NASA, revealed to her in 1974 the steps the US would use to gain total warfare dominance from outside the Earth and threaten all nations with it.

1.         Identify the Russians as the enemy of the United States.

2.         Terrorist groups would be identified as the enemy.

3.         Third world countries would go rogue and seen as a threat to the US. Venezuela has Chávez and Mexico has the newly-formed Narcojihad.

4.         Identification of asteroids as enemies of the US.

5.         A staged alien invasion.

All these elements, Rosin assured, would be staged and therefore lies and pretexts for the US to deploy and use sophisticated space weapons to neutralize these threats and gain world military supremacy.

Although the accusation by Zhirinovsky and Rosin’s confession are intertwined, it still does not compute all that too well if one is to consider what Roskosmos, the Russian space agency, confirmed about the object that crashed in the Chelyabinsk region last Friday. “According to preliminary estimates, this space object is of non-technogenic origin and qualifies as a meteorite. It was moving at a low trajectory with a speed of about 30 km/s.” So there you have it, they confirmed it was a meteorite.

The stakes are as high as they can get with Iran almost reaching nuclear ICBM status with North Korea and Israel getting ready to attack before Spring is out.

Let us just pray that it is not yet time to brace ourselves for the inevitable.•