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By Alexander Backman | Sumerian gods are returning.
—Buzz phrase used among top brass at the Pentagon in 2011.

CRN® JULY 20 1012- On July 17, 1997, Astronomer Shoemaker mysteriously died in a car accident in the Australian Outback. Likewise, in 1991 Robert S Harrington was killed by the Powers That Be because he was speaking too much with regard to the biggest threat that modern-day humanity is now facing; the appearance and fly-by of a twin system that revolves around and intersects our system every 3,600 years. Harrington, the head of the Naval Observatory in Washington DC published an article in 1991 titled ‘ In Search for Planet X’ where he details that Planet X is very real.

It is a fact that people like these scientists are being targeted for elimination if they decide to speak out on the threat at hand. It is also a fact that military and non-military astronomers have had and talked about direct photographic and video evidence on Planet X’s approach and entry into our solar system. I will not concentrate on this matter but focus what arrives with Planet X. Some believe that the Annunaki, a group of ‘fallen angels’ or advanced interdimensional highly-technological species have already arrived or are arriving  with this harbinger known as the ‘destroyer’ in ancient Egyptian and Celtic texts, including the Bible.

There is a recurring correlation in the Bible’s Old Testament and the Kolbrin Bible, a compendium of old Egyptian and Celtic texts compiled since the time of the Exodus of the Hebrew Nation across the Red Sea around 3,600 years ago, that mention the roaring of lions or the sound of lions that this red dwarf star system creates as it ignites in its perihelion around the sun. The question remains, is this Star not alone? Are there other bodies orbiting it and if so, do they hold life? Could this explain the rise in UFO and other anomalies around the Sun and on Earth?  Some in academia believe so.

The Return of the Sumerian gods Deyo, an independent scientist and author has publically spoken about this. In a 2011 interview he stated that in the Pentagon, in the higher-ups, they know that ‘the Sumerian gods are returning’.  This dovetails with John Moore’s recent July 11 announcement that family members of top and middle brass in the US Military are already being prepped for an impending evacuation due to this very threat.

Here is a transcript of what Deyo said in a 2011 interview:

Stan Deyo: “A number of things that…uh… I’ve heard uh…from people in the Pentagon, that the buzz word in the secret of secrets in the Pentagon is ‘The Sumerian gods are returning.’ And that’s what they’re referring to, that whole area that Dr. Peters (unclear) is...”

Male Interviewer: Wow!

Female Interviewer:  Could you repeat that again just in case somebody missed it? The special word that…

Deyo: In the Pentagon, you know the military circles that are in the know about the cover-up here; um… they kind of, in whisper tones, talk about the return of the Sumerian gods. And they’re talking about what we would call Aliens or Fallen Angels returning into the Middle East, into the old Sumer area.”

Male Interviewer: The Annunaki.

Deyo: Yeah, it could be.      

Excerpt of this interview can be downloaded here in MP3 or you may listen to it on the player herein:


The Descent to Israel

[It is being rewritten. We apologize for the incovenience.]

In March of 2010 a member of the CIA contacted CRN® to inform them that ‘they’, the gods’, are not only coming but they have already established contact with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in preparation for the war with Syria.

[It is being rewritten. We apologize for the incovenience.]

The full report gave the details about what transpired in the desert outside Tel Aviv.

Since then, I decided to just not speak about the topic anymore.

I know many people want to know what exactly happened in the Israel desert in 2010. What I can reveal is that at least 4 enormous pyramid-structured craft landed in the desert outside Tel Aviv in March 2010. The occupants that came out of the ships were reported to be colossal in size according to eye-witnesses. They established contact with the IDF and offered protection to the Israel Government against all missile WMD attacks that would be coming in from Syria when the war started. Are these the same Sumerian gods that Deyo referred to? I believe so. Why? Let’s just say that one person present at the event mentioned the word ‘nefilim’, referring to the fallen Angels mentioned in Genesis 6 in the Bible.

There is plenty of evidence that the UFO activity has been on the increase over Israel. One such case was documented by the leading UFO researcher and author Barry Chamish. In 1995 the alt.ufo.reports usenet group posted the following report regarding a UFO Flap over Israel.

“From alt.ufo.reports Mon Feb 6 09:12:03 1995 From:

(Andy Clark) Date: Sun, 05 Feb 1995 18:10:28 GMT Subject: Israeli Incident

The U.K. magazine Flying Saucer Review usually contains some strange articles and the editor does have some crazy ideas about worldwide conspiracies, angels etc. etc. Occasionally though an interesting article appears and this was the case in the winter `94 issue. Although this is not a personal sighting I believe this post is justified here as it could be (if true) a very significant report. The writer, Barry Chamish is, allegedly, a distinguished writer, having contributed to The Boston Globe, Sunday Telegraph and New Statesman amongst others. In the FSR article he states that 1993 saw a UFO flap in Israel and goes on to give details of several sightings.

A craft is said to have landed near Kadima on March 30th 1993.

The next day it returned and metal shards were retrieved. Chamish says these were analysed by Tel Aviv University and found to be of unknown origin.

A Dr.Fuhner, director of the biochemical department of the State of Israel Institute For Geology analysed a shard. He reported "On Thursday27/5/93 we received a sample weighing 2.7 grams and submitted it for analysis. After putting it through two separate tests we have found the material to be composed of elemental silicon, a substance not found on this planet". Apparently a number of people descended on Kadima and retrieved samples of this before the authorities could react. Thus, the article claims, there are people in Israel who have in their possession samples of material which "were not manufactured by any process known. "

Chapter 5 of Barry Chamish’s book on the UFO Invasion of Israel is titled The Return of Giants. And as so he claims, it all started happening in rapid succession since 1987; UFOs caught on tape of the coast of Tel Aviv (submarine base?), abductions of people, mutilations, even crop circles. This happened before in Mount Hermon and when the Merkabahs flew across the sky. Now it is clearer than ever that they are back.

The Sumerian god Ningizzida accompanied by two gryphons. It is the oldest known image of snakes coiling around an axial rod, dating from before 2000 BCE.
The Sumerian god Ningizzida accompanied by two gryphons.
It is the oldest known image of snakes coiling around an axial rod, dating from before 2000 BCE.

Take into account that in January of 2011 a UFO hovered over Jerusalem, descended over the Al Aqsa Dome or Dome of the Rock and then shot up into the night sky. This was filmed and posted on Youtube . Immediately, video disinformers (COINTELPRO) began posting fake videos of the same event in hopes of ridiculing the real sighting.

Chamish also relates in this chapter multiple unmistakable sightings that included the IDF firing upon and even shooting missiles at a craft without even harming it in 1992. I will not go into details for the sensitive aspects of the matter. It seems the Mossad does not like anyone talking about the Israel UFO invasion. But there is one more event that really woke of the Land of God.

Chamish relates the event:

“…on Jan.14, 1992 a couple from the southern city of Beersheva, Liza and Babar Alon, released a videotape of a UFO they had filmed two weeks earlier. The film clearly shows a glowing disc, dark in the middle, with a light circle following the rim, hanging above the skies of the Negev Desert. What distinguished the film was its length. The couple had managed to film the craft for a full forty-five minutes.

At 10:00PM on January 24, 1992, Israel was treated to the greatest UFO display of all. Israeli ufologists call this UFO, "the mother ship."  It traversed the country for two hours, beginning in the Haifa region, making appearances all along the densely populated coast, flying over Beersheva and the Negev before disappearing over Jordan.

Thousands of people witnessed the ship. What choice did they have? Reports put its length at that of two jumbo jets. Circling it were smaller craft that occasionally joined it, then were ejected into different flight patterns.”

Of the many testimonies picked up by Chamish form the Israeli papers at the time, this one is valuable because it comes from a reserve soldier stationed in the Negev Desert:

“I saw seven huge red balls leaving trails behind them. They flew in formation with one leading them. The white vapor trails lit up the whole desert."

Again on January 3rd 1995, another incredible event in Israel shook the nation. A literal giant alien roamed the land leaving 35 cm indentations on the hard desert ground outside of Haifa and between 5 to 10 cms at the heel. Witnesses describe the being as measuring at least 3 meters tall (9 ft.) wearing gray metallic-looking clothes and its face being hidden by an electronic cloaking technology described as a ‘mist’ or haze. If you were so benevolent, why hide your countenance? As we have heard before from American abductee Jim Sparks who recalls 90% of all his ‘alien’ abduction experiences, when Sparks was taken to meet the Reptilian ‘aliens’ or Fallen Angels, he describes the same cloaking mechanism. He even mentions in his testimony that they removed this cloak to allow him to see the entities’ face and described horrifying reptilian beings.

As a side note, in the northwestern state of Baja California, Mexico there are also testimonies of witnesses seeing similar gigantic tracks and the makers thereof and describe them as 'giants' that live in the mountains of the San Pedro Martir Range where the Mexican National Observatory is located; a place full of UFO activity that includes a 1996 encounter of the Third type by Mexican President and Club of Rome member Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon (1994-2000) and the Mexican Secretary of Defense.

With that said, we know 1) that Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled for the End Times and 2) that these entities can change their form or transform themselves. That brings me to my next point. What if they are already infiltrating us and most do not even know it?

Hybrids Among US

As outlandish as it may sound, there is INTEL that already points to the infiltration of the US Pentagon by these other-world entities. Reports have surfaced  that mention that at least one UK ‘hacker’ who gained access to some open network computers at the Pentagon managed to retrieve information that mentions that from twenty to thirty  top brass elements within the US AIR FORCE are alien hybrids. In other words, they are not 100% human. From 2000 through 2002, Gary McKinnon, a young man suffering from ASD or Autistic Spectrum Disorder and a computer wizard, managed to access sensitive INTEL on multiple PENTAGON, NASA and NSA computers. The information he accessed included excel spreadsheets titled NON-TERRESTRIAL-OFFICERS and super high definition images of cigar-shaped craft and names of ships of what appears to be a COSMIC Top Secret US NAVY Space Fleet Program. Some of the names of these ships include the USSS Le May and USSS Hillenkotter. Mind you that these names stem from the black-ops UFO back engineering programs from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.  Notice the initials have an extra ‘S’ which some say stands for US Space Ship. I can add that it could even mean the US SS as in Hitler’s SS.

McKinnon also accessed computers at Space Building 8 at the NASA Johnson Space Center where IT employees routinely airbrush UFOs off the images you and I commonly see online; a clear indication of suppression of the presence of these craft.

Just by listening to this Rick Wiles’ audio excerpt is sufficient to give you an idea of what really is going on behind the scenes and that they do not want anybody knowing .

Excerpt of this interview can be downloaded here in MP3 or you may listen to it on the player herein:


And this other excerpt from Rick Wiles interviewing Andrew Bassiago on Hostile Entities working in the Pentagon and the Secret Martian Space Program that the CIA and the Air Force have conducted via quantum jumping since 1968 and which culminated with Bassiago being taken to Mars and back.

Excerpt of this interview can be downloaded here in MP3 or you may listen to it on the player herein:


Download this MP3 excerpt on Andrew Bassiago’s trip to Mars.

Now the US Military and Government want this young British man to serve a 60-70 year prison sentence for hacking into their open and password-free Windows® PCs.  This appears to be more likely an attempt to silence McKinnon for uncovering this information. Here is a UK interview with Gary McKinnon.

Again, suppressing technologies that evil entities have provided the Powers That Be in order to benefit themselves and keep the rest of humankind out of the loop is simply another example of how we, as a humanity, are sequestered by the Elites in order to never progress nor achieve to live in total freedom from the very system that has been enslaving us since it all begun. And now, since the Dulce Wars and other events in the 70s and 80s a real fracture occurred between Satan’s minions (the aliens) for the control over antimatter and antigravity technologies as has been suggested over and over again my active and retired military sources.



More so, the Elites are now getting ready to go hide in their caves while the worst-case-scenario unravels for planet earth and its civilization plays itself out. They know. It is happening now and at least five separate witnesses have confirmed the original John Moore story on the Planet X flyby for late summer of this year.

John Moore released a short press statement informing about this on July 19 2012 where he states that his colleague at RBN, on Mike Harris has confirmation from a member from a high-ranking non-US intelligence agency that confirms the threat and even gives the dates where Planet X or Nibiru is to make its pivotal pass across our system. This has also been confirmed by a Reagan administration official. The dates where Planet X will make its closest approximation to earth are from August 17 through September 26, 2012 .

This summer event suggests that at least the Atlantic Ocean is expected to suddenly rise or that a supersonic tsunami might be triggered if the El Hierro volcanic landslide occurs at the Canary Island chain.

A US Marine vet also confirmed to CRN® via Planet X researchers in contact with this information agency that after calling multiple US Military bases, they have been placed on alert for coastal flooding along the Atlantic.

This could very well tie in with the Fig parable by Yahshua ha Mashiach in Mathew 24 that states that when the Fig Tree is ripe, in summer, the time of His coming would be nigh, even at the doors. Looks like The Harvest is about to begin. ‘They’ are going to be officially announced and that they have landed on the White House lawn and that they come in peace. Then, is when the culling will begin.

Let us just wait and see where this continues to lead while John Moore teams up with Mike Harris on his show this 25th of July on the Republic Broadcasting Network.  The show is scheduled for 07.00 hours CST.

Please visit the John Moore site at for more information on how to access the stream.

In Part III of this series, we hope to be disclosing some incredible information that is about to come forward with regard to the presence of ‘the visitors’ or ‘the watchers’ that have embedded themselves under our oceans and their connection to the Malachim from the Bible.

Brace yourselves. This is what we have been saying all along, they are here and they are being sent and allowed to start the harvest.

As a last moment resource for all to listen, please download these important Stan Deyo audio excerpts with regard to THE AGENDA and hand.

Link to Stan Deyo Vital AUDIO PACKET.

In His Army!

Rak Chasaq!


UFO - Dome of the rock - Temple mount - Jerusalem 28.01.2011,

Short End Of The Stick with Mike Harris 7-19-2012 – Nibiru,

Part One

Part III of this series will be available July 31st, 2012

John Moore can be reached at his website  


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