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By Alexander Backman

The End of the Age

From the dawn of time
Man has always sought peace
But war has been the terror of his legacy
The horror of his fate
The final hours of history...

For as long as man
Stands at war with his God
He will be condemned to stand at war
With himself and his seed
Behold, the greatest conspiracy...

For I have seen hell and the torment of the damned
In the day of evil, in the dying hour...

In the balance of power
And the origin of fate
Lies the sovereignty of man
In the doctrine of hate...

The hour of redemption is upon us
And the day of judgment will bring
The end of the dream
The end of the nightmare
The end of all the days
The end of the fighting
And the end of the rage
That lies in our mortal remains
At the end of the age...


“The time table is now!”—John Moore

CRN® July 11, 2012- A US Special Forces Veteran has announced that US military personnel is already being told to prepare to ‘bug-out’, a term used in immediate evacuation scenarios by survivalists and military personnel in case of an impending emergency or threat.  The personnel who attended a series of briefings within the military are being put on ‘stand-by’ and were told that the threat is an extra solar object called ‘Nibiru’, also known as ‘Planet X’ in some astronomical circles.

Part of this broadcast can be downloaded here in MP3 or you may listen to it on the player herein:


John Moore announced on July 11 that he is in contact with active members of the military and that they have been attending special briefings where they have been told to await orders on evacuation of themselves and family members.  They have been told that they will be given a maximum of ‘a two-week notice’ before they ‘bug-out’.

Moore also stated that the personnel he is in contact with had to sign a non-disclosure agreement before the briefings. This confirms that the Pentagon is very well aware of the threat that the ‘red star’ poses; a threat that not only has increased earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on Earth but also has affected the sun and the rest of the planets in the solar system.

Planet X or ‘Nibiru’, a term made popular by Sumerian tablet translators, is not a planet after all. It is in reality a red dwarf star that enters our solar system from the south, crosses the ecliptic plane as it travels through our solar system in a northwardly trajectory until making its perihelion around the sun and returning to outer space in its 3,600year cycle. This red dwarf is a star that has not ignited and therefore can only be seen in the infrared. But according to ancient lore, the Bible and other ancient manuscripts, ‘The Great Destroyer’ ignites and is seen as a fiery dragon covering up the sun and creating a massive effect in the solar system including the earth. These effects include the falling of meteors of all sizes that this ‘red star’ brings in with it, objects that it brought in through its outbound and inbound trajectory in the Oort Cloud.

Evidence presented and documented the US Navy and other scientists confirmed the existence of this object as far back as 1983 and termed it ‘Planet X’. Since then, the silence and behind-the-scene preparations by the Elites began and have concluded, in its majority, this 2012. They have been busy preparing while the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves. Governments and corporations alike, the rich men of the earth are more than ready for the ‘fly-by’. Others, however, will probably succumb as this massive wrecking ball beats the hell out of the solar system and earth. At least 90% of the world’s populations live in coastal cities.

In preparation of this threat, the government of Norway, for example, already plans to evacuate at least half of its population to deep underground recesses during the event.  Others, like Australia, have also been preparing for what in the inner circle is known as ‘Preparation for another Noah’s Flood’ type of event.

The claims made by John Moore, aka ‘The Liberty Man’, on his radio show serve as a stark and somber reminder that ‘The Threat’ is very real while society continues living just as in the ‘Days of Noah’. People are out partying and going to ball games while the earth is about to be ransacked by what the ancients called ‘The Destroyer’.

It is a fact that the Elites used and planned their survival by creating the ‘global warming’ scenario via their Club-of-Rome thinks tanks. This, in turn, helped to push the green soviet-modeled, new-world-order, climate-change agenda. Therefore making the populace believe that the global warming changes are man-driven instead of coming out and saying the truth, the threat is non-human and it comes from outside our system.

You don’t believe me? Let us read from the horse’s mouth then:

“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself."—Club of Rome

The signs are already here and are ever-increasing. The Gulf of Mexico current known as the Gulf Stream has stopped and this in turn has created massive changes in temperature in Europe creating the worst winters in at least a thousand years. Scientists already confirmed that the earth is undergoing a mini ice age. Even ‘they’ at the Club of Rome and their cohorts at the UN had to come out and publicly admit the earth is cooling and even admit that their so-called carbon laws would continue in spite the fact that they are wrong on their global warming lies and their systematic agenda thrust into the minds of the average mass-media mind-controlled citizen (MMMCC=3200).

On Friday February 29, 2008 the UN spokesman spoke for a consortium of climate scientists working on behalf of the UN, EU, NGOs, Greenpeace, Earth First, Sierra, Club, Club of Rome (all Illuminati-sponsored groups) and others. Here is what he said:

‘We have discovered a slight error in our underlying model and have recalculated. It now appears that instead of a period of ‘global warming,’ we are, instead, in for what appears to be global cooling.

‘However, the same corrective global governance measures designed to end global warming suffice equally well against global cooling.

‘We pledge to end global cooling as fast and as efficiently as we ended global warming,” the UN spokesman ended.”

All further questions from press representatives were declined.

According to NASA, more than one million volcanic vents are active under the Pacific Ocean. NASA knows why but as with all private companies, they hold the right to confidentiality. But others, many scientists do not believe so and have tried to blow the whistle on multiple ocassions. Many of them have been killed or targeted for elimination for even trying to bring the truth out about ‘The Destroyer’ and according to Jim McCanney, a highly credible scientist that supports the existence of the red dwarf star, most in the scientific community are under strict gag orders to not say anything related to it.

“The fact is that all government employees, especially those at NASA, are under strict gag orders not to tell the public of impending disaster (to prevent public panic).”—James McCanney

Likewise, Gordon Michael Scallion was told by another top level American scientist the following:

"We (the scientific community), know that earth changes are coming. But the consensus is that we can do nothing without upsetting the current delicate balance of the global economy. If we were to announce what we know publicly - and admit that we don't know what to do - it would set off a worldwide panic that could be worse than keeping quiet and letting events unfold. And besides, there is always a chance that we - and you - are wrong. Maybe nothing will happen after all."

That chance is slim to none. After spending more than a decade into the study of ‘The Threat’ at hand, I can personally attest to the fact that ‘Nibiru’ or ‘Planet X’ is here and it is getting to start showing humanity the darker side of things. Once we put ‘The Red Star’ that is so venerated by Soviets and Communists alike into the equation, it would explain why the Elites are letting the economy collapse without doing anything about it. It would also explain why all the earth changes and why so many events are being directed by the same Elite in order to distract the population.

Make no mistake about it; the Powers That Be know that the ‘geophysical’ event is close on the horizon. That is why they are getting ready to ‘bug-out’; that is why some are coming out and saying these things; that’s why we have soldiers on our streets and random military checkpoints and in some cases like in Mexico, permanent ones. These checkpoints are not there to lower the crime rate, they are there for the quarantine and confinement of the civilian population within their cities while all else gets blown to Kingdom Come.

Let us just pray that this event brings Our Father’s Kingdom Come promise sooner than later. After studying all the timelines, documents, read the books into the expected scenarios, things could not get any worse. Why do I say this? Well, the other factor is that around the ‘Red Dwarf’ are planetoids that hold intelligent life. These life forms are not human in nature and are in fact hostile towards humanity.

A top CIA and Pentagon analyst whom I have had the privilege to be in contact with said this once on the upcoming WTSHTF scenarios and in what succession they would present themselves. The information was brought up by the Steven Greer Disclosure Project in 2001 where one Carol Rosenberg reported on her conversation with Nazi officer and NASA aerospace engineer Werner von Braun while working with him. Here is the run-down of these events:

The interesting thing is that Von Braun stressed upon the fact that all these events were ‘fake’ or false flag events created by the same Elites. Von Braun said it will all be FAKE. Quoting:

"Carol, it will all be FAKE"—Werner Von Braun

I personally believe that the alien threat is not alien but angelic in nature; fallen angels passing off as extraterrestrial forces in an incoming invasion. As Stan Deyo clearly said in 2011 about the buzz among the top brass at the PENTAGON, “The Sumerian gods are returning.”

According to John Moore, the window given to military personnel would mean that we are not more than three to four months out for major events to start happening. Maybe even sooner.

CRN’s military sources (USMC) have contacted various military bases within the CONUS and they say that they are on alert for ‘coastal flooding’. We are in hurricane season after all. But with the weather going haywire and hurricanes forming over land just recently, the heat waves and the droughts, one only knows what these ‘floodings’ refer to. Maybe it is a smokescreen to ‘The Real Event’.

John Moore, with the help of other Navy veterans recreated a map of these massive coastal floodings. This map, when seen by the confidential source placed the Moore map as ‘close enough for government work’ to the Navy maps of the regions in the CONUS that will be underwater, in some cases, as far as 95 miles inland.

John Moore stated that he hoped the information he just received is wrong but he says, “If it’s not and it turns out to be correct, then you have your ‘heads-up’.” The 6-12 week window is now open and further updates are expected.


John Moore can be reached at his website  


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