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By Alexander Backman



CRN® JAN 18 2013- After reading the following headline ‘Dozens held after Islamists attack Algerian gas field’ and after I click on the Yahoo Insider dialog box that pops up when I go online,  I realized that the code I had posted on my site on December 19th 2012 under the headline ‘THE I AM A RAM CODE- WAR IS COMING’ (featured above) and archived here  at is already coming into being; it is really happening! This is the first prophetic code that I got with respect to events happening in such rapid sequence and with such detail.  Look at what happened in Algiers! Al-Qaida sequesters an entire oil facility. Algier is in the I AM A RAM CODE!

But before you start doubting the God-given gift, I have now learned to harness to the best of my abilities, and the reasons why I am coming out publicly to share these revelations, I ask you kindly to please read on.

Prophesying in His Name- His Will, not mine.

It is well established that In the End of Days we would be prophesying in God’s Holy Name. Peter even quotes Joel 2:28 in Acts 2:16-18 where he says that there will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit: ‘And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:’.

Well I have news for you, I am one of those that is being poured on and hard! Praise Jesus! I do not come nor have the obligation to prove myself to you. I know very well what the Lord has set me out to do and it is exactly ‘this gift’ that I was given that I am putting to use now that I have your attention. (Including the Intelligence agencies and other secret organizations that are still interested in my gift which I remind them “No, I will not help you in any matters related to National or Global Security. If you want advice on future events, go to the Man Himself and ask Him or read His Word.”)

For those that do not know me and the gift that Jesus has given me, well let me tell you that they are in the forms of codes. It is like a direct link up I have and when Heaven decides to send me information or a ‘file packet’ as one could term these messages, I simply feel in my heart and mind that there is a word or phrases coming, I feel the Holy Ghost talking to me, sometimes even audibly and BOOM! ‘Lo and Behold the Power of the Lord Your God!’ the code appears in my head.

Why I was assigned this Mission to Expose the Nests of Vipers

For the sake of keeping this article brief, I can say that after the many supernatural, interdimensional and transdimensional experiences in the spirit and in the flesh that I have had the blessing of experiencing, I was revealed an utterance of divine origin -by God Himself- in July 1997. I was in Tijuana at the time and heard the phrase “Abolixir Ophenalis.”

I was perplexed as to the meaning of such wordage and after two years of trying to decode the meaning and with the Internet appearing just recently on the scene I decided to research the phrase. I have to confess, this phrase stuck like a splinter in the back of my mind and, as with many of the codes I get, it is until I fully decode them where I find a kind of liberation from the sense of duty and almost an obligation in decoding and defining them.

Abolixir is an older form of the verb ‘abolish’. That one was not that hard. Thanks to my  understanding of Latin and Romance languages, I knew what the term meant. The harder one, on the other hand, was Ophenalis.

I came to realize it is a compound word. ‘Oph’ means Serpent and Ophenalis is a group of serpents or vipers. Once I understood this, and this happens all the time when I finish decoding any code, a kind of rush and ecstatic happiness overcomes me. I feel like I literally ‘BROKE THE CODE’ of all codes. It is a sense of great accomplishment and is always following by a rush through me by the Holy Spirit and a warm fuzzy feeling of love.

Just today, I decided to search for the root ‘ophen’ and guess what, it is a Hebrew word that stems from the verb ‘to revolve’. The definition of ‘ophen’ in Hebrew is circumstance, condition, timely. There is that CIRCUM going in circles showing up again! Does this bring the classic esoteric and occult image of the Oroborus, -the serpent spinning in a circle and eating its tail- into mind?

Also, the word ‘ophan’ in Hebrew means wheel, ergo the angels that protect the throne of God and which Ezekiel describes in Chapters one his book.

The suffix ‘alis’, according to this online reference comes from ‘Ali’ which means ‘noble, sublime, exalted or elevated. ’

This leaves me to conclude that the Ophenalis are elevated wheels. So another interpretation of Abolixr Ophenalis according to this researcher could be to ‘Abolish de Elevated Wheels or Discs’. What elevated discs of divine or noble origin do we know of? Are these the same disks in chapter one of Ezekiel? Or, as I was shown in a vision in 1997 where I found myself standing in the desert and there were three lines of iron manholes that when I was ordered to uncover them while hearing the phrase ‘Abolixir Ophenalis’ I saw thousands of black vipers, adders if you will, slithering under the ground. And as I kept uncovering the manholes more and more light shone in.  That is why I am sure that the ‘Opha’ are snakes hiding underground that needed and still need to be exposed.

How the Mosaic Codes Work

Once I got the feel for the codes being downloaded from that ubiquitous and omnispherical place that I call ‘the library’, it became easier to decode the words I received. When it happens, I basically feel the Holy Spirit talking to me in my heart and I feel the word or phrase or image or vision inside me and then I am either transported there physically – at least that is what I feel when I am there- or in case of words or phrases I just say it. It is like the messages pop into my head and I feel this urgency to say it/them and when write it/them down it happens.

After writing it/them down, I analyze the word/s and form a Mosaic with it/them and the inside part is supernaturally revealed to me in the form of a code or series of words, similar to a crossword puzzle. Sometimes these codes float in front of me in the mid-air! Amazing to see these things.

There are generally divine words in all the codes I have transcribed and decoded throughout the years.

Types of Codes Received

Most of the codes I have gotten since 2001 have not been negative but revelatory and prophetic in many senses as many things regarding them have come to light. Other codes I have gotten are direct utterances from THE MOST GOD in the forms of commands or orders.  These are words or phrases.

Examples and Meanings of Other Codes Received

The TIMEX Code
Year: 2001
Status: Decoded, connected with 11.11.11 time and Mexico.

The 11:11:11 Code
Year: 2005
Status: Decoded (2006), 11.11.11 Means a specific pyramid complex in ‘Mexico’

In 2001 I started seeing the number 11.11 in sequences and decided to take on the challenge of breaking or deciphering what it means. Finally in 2005, I broke the code with astonishing revelations. I proved that 11.11.11 is a master binary digital code embedded within our DNA by Satan and put into the media by high-degree Masons to use people as vessels to open the gates to hell through the opening of the Third Eye. Based on the fact 11.11.11 stands for the exact hour of the 2012 12 21 alignment, I came to realize through divine and mystical Revelation that it was to be transferred into letters. In the vision, as I now understand, I saw a pyramid complex in MEXICO, thousands of people chanting and being used to free the demonic transdimensional forces that will begin to seep into our dimension for the End Times War.

Using Roman Numerals I obtained that the letter sequence MXIC in the word Mexico stands for the numerical values of 1000(M)+10(X)+1(I)+100(C)=1111. The remaining vowels, the letters “E” and “O” in the word MEXICO stand for the 5th and 15th letters of the alphabet respectively. Using Pythagorean mathematics and reducing the 15th letter “O” in Mexico to a 6 (1+5=6) it was all too clear to be coincidental; 5+6=11! So, in fact, “No other code is similar to this one”, he says. MEXICO is 11.11.11 and these 6 ones (| | | | | |) are embedded everywhere, especially in the US One-Dollar Bill and the 1 Peso Mexican Bill from the 1970s (An American Bank Note) where the Aztec “Tzolkin” Calendar appears and in the center is Satan or Quetzalcoatl.

(M=1000)+(E=5)+(X=10)+(I=1)+(C=100)+(O=6)=ROMAN NUMERALS 1111 & PYTHAGOREAN LETTERS E & O=11

Now that that is out of the way, let us concentrate on the I AM A RAM CODE is happening now!

Year: 2012
Status: Decoded, Mexico is dead.

THE I AM A RAM CODE and the Coming GOG-MAGOG War-
Date received: 12/19/2013 @3:33 AM
Status: Partly Deciphered

To make the explanation easier, I decided to include a coordinated system that makes it less cumbersome to identify the patterns inside the mosaic. Like in chess notation, P-K4, or like in the Battleship board game, or for those that understand coordinates in a map or on a spreadsheet.

On to the I AM A RAM CODE. Take some minutes to play around with the code and see what patterns you can find. Up, down, across, back, diagonal, in circles or even L shapes. Many patterns are embedded within this prophetic code.

It is curios to note that Moses wore horns according to Bible researcher and author Doug Elwell. Well, what animal has these horns? Which is the King of all lambs? The Ram of course (Ovis Aries). Unbeknownst to many, a ram is not a goat, it is a Lamb a sheep. In fact, in baja California Mexico Rams live in a protected environment in the High Sierra of San Pedro Martir and I have seen them leap down from the mountain and land on their horns and spin off at full speed. An amazing sight to behold. You know> There are certain animals that just stand out!

I received the I AM A RAM sequence in a clear audible form in 2001 as well. I even sung the phrase from left to right and right to left. The revelation I got was that we all are RAMs. This is a phrase that emboldens us to fight on and keep on moving forward.

And what is the Shofar? It is a Ram’s horn that is used as a trumpet or horn for the Jewish pre-messianic holidays. In fact, On Rosh Hashanah, something special occurred during the special sacrifice. Arguably two Shofar Sounders played the long notes and one Trumpet player played the short note. Note the difference between trumpet and the horn, they are different instruments.

Also, I understood 12 years ago that it is meant to be sang.

Also words like ARAMAIC and SACRAMENT contain the word RAM. Also with the letters from I AM A RAM one can spell the word MIRIAM, the Hebrew name for Mary, the mother of the Son of Man. In other words, the English name Mary is the transliteration of the Greek name Maria or Mariam, which in turn is the transliteration of the Hebrew name Miriam. Also Mara, clearly seen in the backwords code of I AM A RAM is the Russian, Hungarian, Polish and Italian form of Mary.

And of course, Maria in Latin and Spanish. The sole letters of MARIA spell out I AM A RAM  as well!

So, you tell me who the king of the lambs is. It is the RAM, it is Jesus Christ Our King in Heaven. Yes, He is the Lamb of the God the Father but also He is not only the Son and the Prince. When Jesus conquered the grave and ascended unto Heaven HE Became the KING!


It wasn’t until December 2012 that I realized that there was more to the code than just the phrase ‘I AM A RAM’.  Now it is coming all too clear. Prophecy is being spoken for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.

By looking at the I AM A RAM mosaic I will explain what words are mentioned, the patterns and the coordinates to each. I am thinking of recording an MP3 or video to illustrate this. But for now, text will suffice.

In the code, aside from the I AM A RAM square, on can clearly read the word ALGIER (4:ABC+5:ABC, 4:GFE+3:FGE).

For now, the event in Tigantourine, a town near In Amenas Algeria, right on the border with Libya, where many westerners are still being held hostage by the Al-Qaida terrorists at the Oil Refinery and the strapping them with explosives, in my interpretation of the code, could have something to do with the GOG and MAGOG War prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39 in the Bible. The I AM A RAM code has a clear reference in the heart of it an intersected cross with the word GOG (4:CDE, D:345). It is curious that in Ezekiel nations of Northern Africa are mentioned and other Islamic nations as well.

In Part Two I will continue deciding the I AM A RAM code as the events keep unraveling themselves in fulfillment.

Rak Chasak!

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