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"A man without ethics is a wild beast
loosed upon this world."— Albert Camus

SIDENOTE: Maybe QUAYLE could stand for QUestion All Your Lack of Ethics=Q.U.A.Y.L.E?

QUAYLE MANApril 11, 2013 Steve Quayle was on with the Hagmanns last Monday and mentioned me again, not by name of course. He basically defended his delusional narcissism and Pastor Langford inferred I was working for the devil, that my speaking against Quayle in my previous article is considered an abomination to the Lord. Quayle added that I am under a new form of judgment because how dare I falsely accuse the brethren.

I do feel sorry for him. I will pray for him. I do not plan to play his silly little game of how he is falsely accused. I wrote an Open Editorial on these guys. Yes, I mentioned Wiles, Quayle and there are others... so many others.

Quayle 'Learned', 'Teached' and 'Thunk'

Quayle is not credible in my opinion anymore. Just because he can quote from THE BOOK OF GOD does not make him anymore righteous or correct than the rest of us sinners and fallen ones. What can you expect from a man who boasts himself and boldly proclaims himself a "know-it-all"? We all are errantly and beautifully flawed. Quayle is an example of this when in fact he cannot even conjugate the verb to teach in its past form?

Here is a snip from the show: If the player does not load for you, please download the file here.

Quayle is a man who constantly insults or berates the audience or the rest of the unlearned, if there is such a word, when he says constantly in his brotherly rhetoric 'what most people don't understand'... or 'fail to understand'... et al.

As for Pastor Langford, I do not know him and he can have his opinion about me. But for him to not even know the facts and support Quayle on his cockamamie quest and go all 'Quail man' on me is hilarious.

I am glad Quayle understood and got the message of not using God's calling to him to make profit of it. I say this because at least this time he did not ask for money on the Hagmann show or promote his books. It was about time someone exposed the biggest con job in American Christianity in my opinion.

Here is a short extract from the show where he blasts out at me: If the player does not load for you, please download the file here.

QUAYLE IS WRONGAnd here Quayle mentions that I am 'under a new form of judgement.'
If the player does not load for you, please download the file here.

And yes Steven, I can do what I wish and right what I want because it was an Open Editorial that I wrote. This means I have a right to express my opinion about your poor use of ethics in your journalistic or investigative capabilities. It means that I can speak up and not stand by the side lines and just watch you do what you will without questioning your sound moral judgment. It means that I can question why you published a private email I sent to you on your website and destroyed not only my research into the matter but also getting the facts out. Your mistake... of not reading the email I sent to you... That you did not understand that it was a PRIVATE EMAIL and that it should not have been published did not mean a thing to you!. You went on and published it!. It was posted at this address (http://www.stevequayle.com/...20105.Mexe.evacs.html) , now changed because you removed the file from your server. Nonetheless, I have the email backed up and it is here at the God Like Productions Forum where they even link it back to your site where it first appeared on the Internet. Have you ever been harassed by the Mexican Secret Service? Well I have thanks to you and your irresponsibility and lack of moral character and ethics.

In the 2nd paragraph of the article in question I said this:

"We release this information to our colleagues in the field so they are informed as to what is transpiring. We ask them to not publish anything as of yet until our investigation is finalized. We ask them this so our work into this matter is not jeopardized in any way. We trust in you keeping this story private only among your trusted groups of researchers. "

This is not the first time. Quayle just does not learn. Just last April 8th he committed the same mistake again by posting LIES about Joel Osteen and then retracted (see image below). This means that Quayle has either some form of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or simply does not care for others as he so boasts on his lengthy and noisy radio appearances.


If I would have the resources and the means I would file a lawsuit in a U.S. Court where I would expose how you affected my career as a journalist. What did I get in return when I published by exposing of the facts? I got angry emails from Quayle where he quotes, as he does with all the people that confront him and reprove him or simply want to correct him when he is wrong, Matthew 18. Exposed you are Mr. Quayle, and rightly so. I 'thunk' better of you. I really did. Maybe your other pals taught you how to lie and decieve the unprepared.

I want to close with this quote in mind:.

"A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world."
Albert Camus



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