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S: SEP 20 2012 @ 22.07- Here is the image I promised. It is from an old book I purchased back in 2001 titled MAN'S PAST IN THE AMERICAS, published by National Geographic Society, 1969. All credit of this image goes to Gordon Gahan and the N.G.S. The image appears on page 92 and 93. I will be using more of these incredible images in full resolution to illustrate who the Maya truly are, citing of course, in the second part of my article series titled THE RETURN OF THE REPHAIM which will be out in October 2012.


The Sacred Abyss at Chichen Itza (Left). This mother of a sinkhole is where the ancient and pagan Maya and Toltecs used to throw bodies after sacrificing hundreds of thousands of them to their god Quetzalcoatl, or Flying Serpent, the equivalent of SATAN in the Bible. Children were mostly used during these Satanic human sacrifices. Scanned by Alexander Backman.  From the book 'Discovering MAN'S PAST in the Americas', NGS, © 1969 National Geographic Society.

Will these New Agers at Chichen Itza evoke the water god and his godesses this 21 12 2012? Will they open the portal to the Underworld? Will Satancoatl rise from the botomless pit? I will be posting a unique photograph I have to scan on an old book I possess on Chichen Itza. The panoramic picture shows the 'sacred' cenote at Chichen Itza and how close it truly is to the Satanic temple of Ku Kul Kan. Do not be shocked to find that at at this venue, where Lynn Marzulli will be in December 2012, they used to sacrifice humans according to a study of human remains found at the site.

SEP 20 2012- A highly-acclaimed Pastor and researcher has contacted this author and is having a private debate on the Lynn Marzulli issue (original article below). For the moment, these communications remain private. Hopefully, with help from the Holy Spirit, these can be made public in this article and serve to edify us all in His Holy Church.

I am being asked to remove this article, to publish a retraction and to post an apology to Mr. Marzulli. If I were not so upset by certain things that make this 2012 beastathon such a repugnant display of money-making venues around the Satanic altar known as the Temple of Ku Kul Kan (KKK=11+11+11) at Chichen Itza by Hunbatz Men and his cohorts, I would. What is up with Marzulli anyway? Will he show up at the Satanic Pagan Bowl on 21 12 2012? Why would a God-fearing Christian not expose what this event represents?

Well I have news for you Mr Marzulli and team! You missed the most important site for the December 21 2012 galactic alignment. It is not in Chichen Itza, nor is it in Palenque Chiapas, nor is it in Teotihuacan; I leave it to you to do your homework. Revelations 11:11 is a clue.

Are we on the same team here? It does not seem so, does it?

Do you remember the 11+11+11 Satanic 13 Crystal Skulls that were paraded across the United States? where this supposed Mayan 'shaman' or spirit walker known as Hunbatz Men opened up portals to the underworld all over the US which culminated in Los Angeles (The City of Angels) on November 11 2011, 11+11+11? Well, Lynn Marzulli will be at the Chichen Itza venue this year with this very man. What a coincidence! If you do not believe me. See for yourself:

I, Alexander Backman, wrote extensively on this matter in October and Novemeber 2011 and started a Spiritual Warfare campaign against the enemy. Brothers and sisters attended the ceremony on 11 11 11 in Los Angeles and did spiritual wartfare against this mega portal to hell from being opened up and spilling over into our realm and putting Los Angeles in a literal 'pandemonium'.

Do you realize what the Maya term Chichen Itza means? The Wikipedia entry says the following:

The Maya name "Chichen Itza" means "At the mouth of the well of the Itza." This derives from chi', meaning "mouth" or "edge", and ch'en or ch'e'en, meaning "well." Itzá is the name of an ethnic-lineage group that gained political and economic dominance of the northern peninsula. One possible translation for Itza is "enchanter (or enchantment) of the water",[6] from its, "sorcerer", and ha, "water".[7]

Si Itza or Itzha is really the Water Sorcerer!

For example, did you know that in Finland there exists a Water goddess as well? Her name is Atho or Ahti. Husband of Vellamo. She rules over the water and the sea. Source: The Gods and Goddess of Finnish-Ugrian Places

Just the introductory paragraph to the latter link says a lot about these 'shamans':

Finnish religious leaders were usually called shamans.  The shamans did magick, conjuration, incantations and spells to control men, animals, divine or demonic entities and inanimate beings... Only the highest grade of sorcerer was allowed to use a drum and raise spirits.

And in Vedic and Hindu paganism we find that Varuna is Quetzalcoatl and/or Satan and is connected to water!

In Vedic religion, Varuna (Sanskrit Varuṇa वरुण, Malay: Baruna) or Waruna is a god of the sky, of water and of the celestial ocean, as well as a god of law and of the underworld. He is the most prominent Asura in the Rigveda, and lord of the heavens and the earth.

In Hindu mythology, Varuna continued to be considered the god of all forms of the water element, particularly the oceans. Source: Wikipedia.

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CRN® SEP 19 2012- I just got forwarded an email from highly-respected and puffed up American researcher Lynn Marzulli. I would not even be writing this if I were not a language professor. With this commentary, I want to express that Marzulli cannot be taken seriously when an elemental word such as Chichen Itza is misspelled in his blog site and emails. Here is what he has posted on his site:

Chitzen Itza Trip! 

We made our number and Russ Dizdar, Richard Grund, Larry B. and I are going to Chitzen Itza! Thanks to all who helped by contributing.  Your prayers are needed now!   L.A.

L. A. Marzulli will be speaking:  ”Exploring the meaning and relevance of two myths and their relevance in this time of transition in 2012; the stories of the “watcher gods” in the first century text, “The Gospel of Enoch”, and the prophecy of the return of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent-god of the Aztecs. We will be examining correlations between these two in light of our contemporary times.”

Here is an image of his site before he changes it. Click to enlarge


And believe me when I say this. This is not a typo by Marzulli. He repeats the same mistake two times!!! Not even the new-age organizers of the event make the mistake of spelling Chichen Itza incorrectly. Such ignorance stemming from a so-called 'proclaimed' academic author who has studied ancient knowledge, archaeology as well the antediluvian giants serves as a reminder that Marzulli, who almost always dresses in black, and others who appear with George Noory, are an example of the Hosea 6:4 lack-of-knowledge scenario. Just by looking at the logo of the New Age event that Marzulli and his team are going to form a part of this December, gives one a clear idea of who this man truly represents.


Poster of Gathering at 2012 Chichen Itza New Age cult event.

By looking at the image one sees that that is the Temple of Ku Kul Kan or Satan. This is what Lynn A Marzulli is promoting on his website. Click on image to go to source and enlarge. Under the MAYA 2012 legend it says 'Transform At the Source.' What? Transform at the source? The source of what? The bottomless pit. The xenote (underground body of water) or navel to the universe and Mayan Underworld known as Xibalba Be? To me, the only source is God Almighty, The Father YHWH and His Only Son, who are both One and who is Yahshua Ha Mashiach in the flesh.

Worse even, while they keep fueling the lost Church with deceptions and lead them down the path to destruction in their false new-age Christianity and promote trips to Satanic venues such as Chichen Itza in this ominous and sinister 2012. After all, isn't Lynn Marzulli who has warned that the worst of all evils is being unleashed upon the world in this Cosmic Chessmatch? If it is so, then I would stay away from ‘Chicken Itza’ [spelling mistake intentional] and other satanic ceremonial sites during these dates?

Am I wrong or are these people promoting a new form of Satanic new-age pseudo Christian tourism sold off to the American Christian crowd as quests for knowledge and mysticism? Worse even, that Ruzz Dizdar, an expert in exposing SRA and others showing how the Satanists work would participate in such a trip.

After all, I could be wrong here. It could be that they are going there for some other reason. It could be that they are going there to conduct spiritual warfare and we are not being told the whole truth. Maybe they are going to fight against the very organizers of the New Age convention that is going to be held there. I doubt it, though.

Update: I was contacted by a reader of this site and he mentioned the following  with regard to the reason why Marzulli attends these types of events:

Although I do not know any of these men personally, I have heard Russ, Lynn and Richard a number of times over the years on different their radio programs.  It is my understanding that they received contributions to go there in order to represent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in order to witness to the people there and do spiritual warfare.”

So, they are Christian merks. I can live with that. I mean, what better way to do this than by going into enemy territory and bringing the lost captive souls back to Our Father in Heaven. Blessed He be unto eternity!

Yes, Baalbek in Lebanon could be spelled  Valveq. But if we read our history books, we know Baalbek is spelled as so and not Valveq. This just goes to show us that Marzulli is an 'ignorante' as we would say in Spanish and a person who lacks the knowledge that he so proudly boasts. I do not have to study Italian to know that Marzulli is not the same as Marzooli or  Marzuppialli, for instance.

With this commentary, maybe the readers and followers of Marzulli should enjoy their End-of-the-World  Margaritas at home with no alcohol this December and go into prayer instead of accompanying the new-age cultists to investigate the demonic and participate in these satanic spiritual orgies that only invoke the cult of the dead.


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“Although I do not know any of these men personally, I have heard Russ, Lynn and Richard a number of times over the years on different their radio programs.  It is my understanding that they received contributions to go there in order to represent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in order to witness to the people there and do spiritual warfare.”

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"AH, I see Alex you have also noticed that something with "LA" is amiss! I have also discovered that this "know it all" is confused about a number of other things. And when I called him out on them [our email dialog was short] he promptly refused to answer me any more. [He wanted me to tell him the answers, I knew the answers, based on the word of God. But I refused I knew then that he had no idea what he was talking about. And only gets away with so many statements, because his audiences "lack knowledge."

By the way, I bought his 1st video. There was nothing on it that I had not seen before. And can also be found all over the internet.

Did you know that for ages, he was showing an Photoshopped picture of a giant  head, until some one finally told him it was phoney!"

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"He is tied in tight with Marshall, ie, marshmallow man, they are in it
for the almighty $$$$$$$$$$$ NOT to help mankind only themselves."

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"So disappointed!! WTF is up with Marzulli?"

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I rarely email you, but I would like to just mention on behalf of LA Marzulli that what he is doing is NOT promoting new age teachings. I've spoken to him personally on many accounts and in a nutshell, this is what he told me about this trip. 

Basically, he was invited to come down. At first, he didn't want to go. He said, "why would I want to go be a part of the biggest occult new age party of the century?" But he brought it to the Lord and this is what he got from the Lord, "Why are you afraid of the prophets of Baal?"

So with much prayer and consideration, he decided that he would go down there, to be the only evangelical Christian to witness to those folks. He said he would not go unless Richard Grund and Russ Dizdar would go with him. 

Now you can criticize him for promoting new age teachings etc. But the reality is, he is going down to there with the full armor of God. He is going there to be the light of truth amongst the darkness that has blinded many. God wants to see all of us come to the knowledge of Him and if only ONE person comes to Christ through this trip, and has the scales of new age dark occult garbage fall off of his eyes, then isn't it worth it? 

Just something to consider brother. Keep up the great work you're doing. God Bless!

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"Both Lord Byron and CS Lewis had strong emotional ties to mountains in the United Kingdom. For some, the interest is less dramatic, but sites such as Nemrut Dag, Fiji, Sinai, Mt. Kailash, Ayers Rock, Untersberg, Mt. Shasta, Chitzen Itza, the Serpent Mounds and Apollonian Temples inspire an earthy yet universal connectivity with the expectation of a quantum evolutionary spiritual leap, the dawning of Aquarius, the cosmic moment which will rally a collective pantheistic spirit into an age of resonant peace."

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