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Risk and Danger at Mexico Nuclear Power Plant; Scientist breaks silence and Warns of Nuclear Threat—Is a Mexican Fukushima scenario underway?

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By Alex Backman | Staff Writer | |
Alexander Backman is a Mexican investigative journalist and publishes articles for CRN® and Coup media Group. You may follow him at his site or reach him at his email

Description: imageCRN®—Dec 5, 2012—Unbeknown to many, maybe most of the English-speaking world, it just so turns out that Mexico’s only Nuclear Power Plant, the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Complex in the Gulf state of Veracruz, has been in shut-down since August 2012 and is now in danger of going into criticality if the faulty pumps operating inside the reactors are not replaced.

This confirms that the Mexican government, which is nothing new, has been lying to its citizens and the world with regard to the reasons why the Laguna Verde Nuclear Plant, an almost identical design as the G&E/Hitachi model in Fukushima Japan which went into criticality on March 11, 2011, is now in cold shut down and awaiting to be repowered. But, there is a catch to all of this. It has to do with juicy contracts, cover ups and massive profit while placing the population at risk.

All this has finally changed when Mexican scientist and well-known mathematician and physicist, Bernardo Salas Mar, who also worked at the Laguna Verde Nuclear Plant, has spoken out yet again about the dangers and cover-ups behind the safety at the plant.
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Salas Mar, considered as one of the most consistent detractors of the Laguna Verde complex, decided to end the conspiracy of silence and blasted out with documentary evidence where he claims that, ´… the 4 jet pumps belonging to Unit I, register technical glitches… ´.

He added that ´…the modules, with a cost of 800 million dollars, were destined to better the power station, nevertheless, the pumps did not hold, which reveals the influence-peddling in the contract allocation and corruption, putting the operation at the plant at risk, and along with it, the safety of the population in the state of Veracruz…´

The physicist exhibited that both the Mexican National Commission for Nuclear Security and Safety (CNSNS) and the Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE), both concurred in the month of August (2012), that a hydrogen leak indeed occurred at the plant and it could have generated a conflagration.

In the document presented, is the attached statement from the manager of Nuclear Power stations at the CFE, (Agustin Lozano), where he admits to the anomaly.

Moreover, the investigation from the CNSNS certifies that there exist fissures in the reactor.

I explained that ´… if the pumps were to operate at one hundred percent their capacity, as is predicted for the coming year (2013), these would fracture and there would be problems… ´. Given the fact that´… the water flow operates in favor of boiling and makes the turbines move with heat, but they cannot be worked at one hundred percent, nevertheless, in spite of this, the full payment was made… ´.

He blasted out and claimed that these anomalies are being intentionally covered up because the son of Rafael Fernandez de la Garza worked for the Spanish company that provides the equipment and is therefore benefitting from these faulty systems and parts.

Description: like we are seeing with TEPCO in Japan with the Fukushima disaster thanks to its dealings infested with corrupt and disloyal practices that are leading to the extermination of its citizenry, Laguna Verde in Mexico is now eerily walking in the same abysmal direction.

Let’s hope it does not become known as the Laguna Verde Mexican Fukushima-style nuclear disaster. Someone needs to do something about it and fast. Albeit it that Laguna Verde consists of only 2 reactors, unlike Fukushima, the results could be horrible and catastrophic.

The people in Mexico, for the most part, hardly care when it comes to these issues until they are directly impacted by a threat of this nature and magnitude.

I just spoke with the son of an important business man in Baja California who mentioned that Americans are now wanting to accelerate, at all costs, the building of new nuclear power stations along the US-Mexico border. They have been trying to buy off enormous extensions of land from Mexican businessmen for their insane and stupid steam vapor contraptions.

We, El Pueblo, need to stand up and speak out on these matters. We do not want any more Nuclear Power plants in Mexico and we do not want another Fukushima. Mexico needs to ban all nuclear power plants and bring the program to a halt. Will it happen? Not likely just as long as Government officials, contractors and Congressmen are being paid-off in exchange for nuclear fall-out and mass casualties that could occur when any one of these plants begins to act up.


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