By Alexander Backman |

CRN® MAY 31 2012- Imagine a Russian nuclear warhead blowing up in a secret deposit of enriched Plutonium in storage in Japan. Imagine that people of great wealth and power are willing to go all the way and attack Japan yet again. Imagine a massive liberation of Plutonium dust going up into the atmosphere, over the Pacific Ocean and blanketing Canada, the United States and Mexico. Imagine that this attack is planned to transpire on June 21-22 2012 or even later, August 17.

In an exclusive article by VETERANS TODAY, Gordon Duff and Michael Shrimpton expose the SupraNazi Elite and their ill-bent genocidal plot into attacking the West in order to bring down the population at a rapid scale through an artificially-induced earthquake and tsunami with a subsequent detonation of a nuclear warhead on Japanese soil. Details of the plan identify a German diesel/electric Model 21 submarine presently on route to Japan once it finishes refueling in the Philippine Islands.  According to the report, in the Philippines, it will take on a new crew after refueling next to the Eversley Yacht Club close to Mindoro. Duff and Shrimpton claim they have the names the people involved, the direct target of this operation and the trajectory that the submarine will take. Further details into de plot include the transit of the sub "along the Chinese coast, inside Taiwan, past Shanghai and very close to the Korean Peninsula, close enough to be of interest to the government of South Korea."

The journalists have contacted different governments including representatives of South Korea and China to no avail.

Quote from the article providing details into the operation:

"The submarine will eventually arrive off Japan on June 7, 2012 for a planned rendezvous with the MV Hi Chikyu Maru, the deep sea drilling vessel reported by some to have been conveniently placed during the destruction of the Fukushima nuclear plant, the largest “accident” or “event” of its kind, a thousand times worse than Chernobyl.

Perhaps the most amazing part of this is the cover being used by the Chikyu Maru.  It’s “quasi-official” role is the destruction of Japanese defense infrastructure on behalf of a dozen or more named conspiracies."


According to the report, the nuclear weapon to be used had left Bremerhaven, one or four, weeks ago. People were told that it was brought ashore in the United Kingdom, “dialed” or “detuned” to 100 kilotons for an attack to disrupt the London Olympics. "Several intelligence agencies were involved after the American VELA satellite system detected the weapon which disappeared when the submarine submerged immediately after loading."

Intelligence chatter points to a “certain ministry” that had ordered Britain’s aircraft that detects nuclear threats from the air to stay on the ground. This information has been confirmed by other sources within intelligence circles inside social networks.

A few days after the incident in the UK,, the “all clear” was given, and a “not very public” statement was sent to intelligence agencies that the nuclear weapon had been retrieved. It is important to point out that these reports issued were false in order to cover up the fact that the weapon was allowed to leave port after being reloaded onto a German Model 21 U Boat.

Quote from a knowledgeable source on the logistical questions raised by this mission:

“Confusion re U-Boat probably engendered by refit – we think she IS a Type XXI, but refitted with new diesel engines for surface running and Type 212 type Air Independent Propulsion.
Transit time right in the ball-park – we are thinking 13 knots, journey 13,000 nautical miles, transit 1,000 hours, i.e. approximately 41 days 16 hours. Allowing for estimated departure on 23rd April, and two days for refueling, crew changeover, routine maintenance etc., arrival in the target are on June 7th is credible, plus or minus say two days.”


According to Michael Shrimpton, the people behind this attack are the German DVD, not the Digital Video Disc, but a German top level intelligence supremacist network that put the Nazis into power control much of what people call the Trilateral Commission, the CFR and the Bilderberg Group; in plain words, the top level of the Illuminati, the Council of 33. They have been operating behind the scenes since 1934 and pulling the strings worldwide blackmailing world leaders from their vast underground headquarters and operations.

DVD stands for Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst, or German Defense Service. Here is what Shrimpton has to say in the article on the shadiest of them all:

"The DVD control most of the world’s cocaine and heroin trade, all the major pedophile rings and the COREA Group. They have a UK operation, known as GO2, inspiration for Ian Fleming’s fictional ‘OO’ section. The Bilderberg group and Trilateral Commission are DVD front organizations, although most of their members are unaware of that – you have to get through to the hard, inner core before you get the intelligence connection. Nice Trilats like Judge Bill Webster (hi Bill!) are nothing whatsoever to do with the DVD. The DEA boys south of the border will occasionally encounter the Krauts who control the cartels, but they usually stay pretty deep.

Their political assets are legion, one reason the US lost the Vietnam War and the UK fouled up so badly over the IRA. They specialize in talent-spotting and blackmailing future leaders. Several US Presidents have been close to the DVD, Eisenhower being a prominent example. Kennedy wasn’t which is why he became an ex-President, sadly. If you know that Allen ‘von’ Dulles and Richard ‘von’ Helms were DVD it’s a lot easier to make sense of that operation. In Britain Macmillan, Wilson and Heath were all DVD assets, hence their enthusiasm for the UK joining the EU, aka the German Sphere of Influence. The bad guys are still in business, in a big way. The agency seems to have about 10,000 people and its HQ complex is quite large, mostly underground."

James Casbolt, alias 'Michael Prince' was part of the super soldier programs ran out of the UK by this group. The information provided by Duff coincides perfectly with the drug trade being run out of hte United Nations Intelligence Unit (UNIT), the underground installations, super soldier, cloning and superhuman breeding programs, and many other deep things I will not segway into here. But if you wish to read Casbolt's 60 page dossier he sent me of these programs you may download it here.

However, the confirmation that points to the Fukushima 3/11 event being a terrorist attack as exposed by Jim Stone and the logical allegation by Duff that it was not the Zionist Israelis nor the lower levels of the Secret Societies that did it but the top level members of the German DVD brings even more creedence that the real Nazis are back and want World Domination. It all makes sense now. Angela Merkel was trained by the Societs she even graduated in Moscow and now is seen as the new Dictatoress of Europe.

In the report, Duff confirms that many pivotal members of the US Congress are active members of the DVD, including a former presidential candidate, either willingly, or through blackmail and by pedophile rings in the US and Europe or through threats and extortion.  What lies behind these secret organizations are the true rulers of this satanic world.

As we all know, many royal and aristocratic families are involved, and in some cases, those that are 'tapped' on the shoulder before rising to power are generally “replaced” through cloning and other means by trained agents. Just like President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela who has at least four exact copies of himself operating according to Intelligence contacts in exile in the US that recently revealed CRN®. I can tell you that the Chavez with cancer on TV is not the real Chavez. The real Chavez is healthy as an ox and probably long gone by now.  

And Duff further confirms what we have known all along, the Knights of Malta operative Breivik is a member of the DVD as are the police in Norway, Poland and elsewhere.  "The Nato-sponsored P2/Gladio operation, responsible for acts of terror through the 70s, 80s and 90s were this organization, sanctioned by NATO and the CIA but purely working for a cabal of pseudo-ubermenschen, delusional super-humans.", concludes Gordon Duff.

Brace yourselves! As Bilderberg kicks off their illegal reunion in Chantilly Virginia and this information starts spreading, you will have time to only save yourself and your loved ones by grabbing the next flight out to the DVD's base camp in Argentina, Brazil or maybe you could join the Bushes in their hundreds of acres of land in Paraguay. Incredible how it all starts to make sense, doesn't it?◘