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  • Multiple massive craft confirmed entering earth’s atmosphere in July
  • Massive crafts currently embedded under world’s oceans; positioned outside coastlines
  • Motherships ‘birthing’ smaller craft in preparation for invasion
  • Worldwide ‘Battle for Los Angeles’ type of scenario projected

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S: Underwater UFO attack image recited.

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CRN® SEP 21 2012- Since July of this year, CRN has been following a series of leads that point to a nonhuman military operation underway off the world’s coastlines. Bluntly put, an extraterrestrial invasion is already in full swing and about to make headlines if an open world war and the ominous intersecting red dwarf star do not transpire first. 

As you might be aware, most recently, independent news reports and blog posts have been posted online mentioning an increase of the world’s Naval operations in preparation for a full-scale and open World War. However, it has come to our attention, myself and a group of researchers, that this covert maritime activity is being conducted as a cover for something more sinister that is gestating under the global oceanic surface.


I know the public demands knowing who our sources are. But again, I stress, that if we were to reveal who they are, the information that is being trickled down the vine from these very valuable human assets in the filed would be compromised and therefore jeopardize the lives of many who are currently being targeted for assassination, not excluding Kerry Cassidy, Gordon Duff and this author. I am talking about many people that, if came out publically, would have their lives torn apart, including all their next of kin. It has happened before and I assure you, no one wants this to happen to anyone. You can believe whatever you want to believe from hereon. After all, after so many reports of ‘insiders’ and ‘whistleblowers’ being read online and many non-events that have being forecasted, the average reader would simply not take the information that we provide in this report as factual. I have been targeted as well for reporting on the landing of at least 3 massive other-than-human controlled ships in the desert of Israel in March 2010 that had a meeting with the IDF and Syria was the topic of discussion. I decided to keep quiet about what transpired in that meeting and what my sources are. I cannot stress this enough, you, the reader, will be informed or 'briefed' as to the information but not the sources.

It is, thus, for those who have the knowledge of discernment and that are aware of many things that go on ‘behind the scenes’ and know that this is happening and that the ‘alien threat’ that President Ronald Reagan warned about at the United Nations General Assembly in 1987 is already in motion. We thank you, who have come out from the sidelines that know that the pieces are real and the puzzle is already taking shape and about to make itself known to humanity. They are here and are ready to explode on the scene.

Ronald Reagan"...when you stop to think that we're all God's children, wherever we may live in the world, I couldn't help but say to him, just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe. We'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this earth together."-White House transcript of "Remarks of the President to Fallston High School Students and Faculty," December 4, 1985.

Before I go into detail about what our intelligence sources have provided us thus far, I would like to point the reader of this report as to the high feasibility of a ‘Battle for Los Angeles’ movie scenario taking place off the coasts of Alaska, California, Baja California, Yucatan, Guatemala, France, Solomon Islands, and probably elsewhere; a scenario that is in its third phase of operation; at least, that is what I have been told. Due to the high risk involved in not revealing the key informants that are privy to the direct knowledge of the operations and some of which that have access to unmentionable levels of clearance with respect to the threat at hand, it is wise for this reporter to not go into the specific wordage used by the sources and informants when interviewed on the matter.

Now that that is out of the way, let us move to the threat at hand.


Kerry Cassidy reported on her blog this day that she was informed, even threatened, if she kept pursuing the information regarding Chinese vessels, mainly submarines that are off the coast of San Francisco. Recent information alludes to the notion that the Chinese are working with a hostile alien species and are presently either monitoring or aiding the hostiles. The US Navy is aware of the threat. A reliable source of this author said that these craft are not necessarily alien but in fact some form of new advanced technology that the Chinese are using off the western coastline of North America.  In light of this, it is my intention that this article strengthens our position as journalists so the information can get out.

Although Gordon Duff asked Cassidy to remove his name from her site, I have referenced his article in this report on based on his military background as a veteran of war and a person who has reliable contacts within the military and other intelligence agencies.

The Threat

In July, CRN® came in contact with a colleague who we will call “Hush”. “Hush” is in direct contact with an academic source that managed to provide Hush with real human intelligence with regard to the threat. We will call the source, “Source A”. Source A currently works on specific projects that concern world oceanographic and seismologic studies. In summation, Source A mentioned to Mr. Hush that multiple ‘non-human’ unidentified flying objects of a very large size were detected entering the earth’s atmosphere in July 2012. Without giving a specific size of the ‘non-friendlies’ in order to protect the source, they are massive in size.

Deep-space radar and other telemetry as well as direct human observation confirmed as to the places entry and positioning of the incomings. Worthy to note is that source made clear that the objects seamlessly cloaked themselves within the skyline to appear camouflaged and not be visible while during terrestrial entry.  These objects are now embedded underwater in different locations around the world. There is an apparent correlation with the movement and activity of these stealth underwater objects with the recent earthquake swarms on many of the world’s coastlines. Mr. Hush made it clear that “Source A” confirmed that this is so; that these objects are what is responsible for triggering the ‘shallow’ series of quakes. This would mean that we are already being attacked via tectonic and seismic induction of sorts.

According to Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of the online journal Veteran’s Today, a classified memo details more with regard to the threat:

  • Opposition is extraterrestrial and extremely aggressive and unfriendly
  • The threat represents a “clear and present danger” and is isolated to the Pacific Basin
  • China is forced to carry US responsibility because our own naval capability is sitting in the Persian Gulf when America is under a very real threat.
  • Attempts to seek confirmations or to directly verify these operations will lead to fatal consequences.

With that said. The information would confirm and intersect with what we have been investigating for years now. I can attest to the fact that a source in the US Military has confirmed that the threat is real and it is ongoing. We will call this individual “Source Totally Plausible” (STP for short).  STP has seen these underwater craft and has explained the difference between the ones that are military-made and the foreign hostile ones. STP, today confirmed when being asked to verify if this is indeed factual and confirmed it. STP also mentioned hinted that the intruders have been seen on the ground in Alaska.

Source Totally Plausible will never go public with much of the information but indicated that the underwater threat that Cassidy and Duff are talking about (see references) could be another country’s display and use of advanced technology. At simple view, they could look alien in nature, but in fact, it is no surprise that the US and other nations have successfully back-engineered antigravity technology.


This is a real image of an underwater attack with one of these UFOs sent to me by another source. The underwater craft is highlighted in the white oval. Source assures it is real.

However, another colleague emialed me and said that it is a fake. He says it is an edited version of a Navy photograph of the USS Arkansas (CGN-41) during it's shock trials. The Arkansas was a guided missile cruiser, a precursor to the more modern cruisers according to Wikipedia. Wikipedia image here. Maybe the Wikipedia image is the one that is manipulated and the ships as well as the craft were removed. I leave it to the reader to decide.

Source A told Hush that more fleets of these ‘hostiles’ are expected to arrive in no more than three to five days. It is possible that a large magnitude quake could be the way for the entry of more of the massive craft in coming days because humanity will be too busy observing the quake when these things enter the planet. Also, bear in mind that certain planetary alignments; an unstable electromagnetic filed, solar cycle 24, a nodal ring of the Red Dwarf system can trigger any of these 7.0° or higher earthquakes as well.

Source A warned to be ready and stocked-up on plenty of food and water for the next three days (starting Friday).  Source A indicated that he is less worried about the current earth changes than with the human ones. Source made it clear that there are at least 12 different scenarios that would rapidly occur and escalate in succession once the world is at war.

Isolated Underwater UFO Events Confirmed off Yucatan and Baja California Coast

In January of 2011, a friend of a Mexican Navy officer and expert scuba diver shared two experiences with these craft. He shared high resolution images of one of the underwater craft as the came out of the water at the Cantarel oil field located in the Gulf of Mexico just off the coast in the state of Campeche on the Yucatan peninsula. The Navy officer, who now works as a doctor in Cancun, related the event and claimed to have taken this set of images.


Click images to enlarge



This same ex-Navy officer related a hostile encounter involving a Mexican battleship which was traveling northbound west of the Baja California peninsula. He mentioned that many of the underwater ships began to perform hostile maneuvers against the battleship. As this was happening, he mentioned that hundreds upon hundreds of dolphins came together around the cruiser in order to protect it from the hostile underwater craft. This happened for the remainder of the trip by the Mexican Navy ship until it reached the port of Ensenada.

Ensenada Fisherman Reports Underwater UFOS off Baja Coast

In addition, fishermen have reported direct encounters with these underwater craft as well off the Baja coast. On one occasion, a fisherman related his experience to this author in 1996. He mentioned how he saw one of these unidentified objects lit up under the water, shot out of the water beside the ship in a tumbling fashion, like a coin flipping in the air. He mentioned that its form was metallic and circular. The size was estimated of at least 20 meters (60 feet) in diameter. The fisherman vividly related how, as the craft was tumbling out of the water, he saw how a countless amount of small white metallic spheres came off the UFO as it tumbled and landed in the water where they remained floating. The craft stayed hovering next to the vessel long enough for the fisherman to take pictures of it. After he snapped some shots, the UFO rapidly ascended until it disappeared from sight above him. The fisherman, dumbstruck by the event, began to collect the hundreds of small spheres that where floating in the ocean next to the ship. Not long after, a US Navy ship arrived and surrounded the fisherman’s ship, came on board, asked what he had seen, collected all the metallic spheres and confiscated his camera. The NAVY threatened him to not talk of his encounter or he would get into trouble.


CRN® SEP 21 2012- A Mexican federal worker who was travelling on the highway system in the southeastern Mexican state of Yucatan is in total panic after an out-of-the-ordinary experience he recently had. He was driving at about 3 AM and out of nowhere he came face to face with a 3 meter-tall giant or gigantic man. CRN is trying to arrange an interview with this individual in order to know exactly what happened. This story is developing and more information will be provided in part II of the Return of the Rephaim series that Alexander Backman is currently writing. If you have not read part one, you may do so here.


IMAGE SOURCE: © Universal Pictures

In conclusion, both Source A and STP independently confirm that the Middle East situation is about to expand into a war scenario. STP mentions that the US Armed Forces are getting ready at a massive scale, like never before seen in history, for War. The question is, will the War be between humans or will it be with the alien threat, or even, both? The social acclimation via Hollywood and TV alluding to an alien invasion from the oceans is being confirmed in real time. The movie Battleship with Liam Neeson, Battle for Los Angeles, Skyline and War of the Worlds, seem to be going on right under our noses. Time to prepare is an understatement. No wonder they call the last months of the year 2012 the now ominous ‘preptember’ months. Are we really ready to survive what is to come? Do we really want to strive to survive the evils that are about to engulf mankind? Are you in peace with your Maker? Are you ready to meet your Maker? Is your spiritual house (your body temple, your heart, mind and soul) in order? If not, better start praying that this Sunday morning, the world is not already at Earth War I status.

Whatever the enemy is, be it global, foreign or domestic, it is well within our confines and is getting ready to strike. The enemy can pass off as human and make everyone believe that it is benevolent in nature. The enemy could be authorized and released to take action once the world hits the fan and society as we know it collapses and becomes a thing of the past. Brace yourselves!

Whenever we see a battleship go down, just remember this story first, exclude the obvious media-washed story and know that behind the scenes there is another conflict and it is already on our backdoor. Or even better, our backyard pool.


UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco
DAILY INTEL REPORT 09/20/12, Kerry Cassidy,

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Comment #1

By Jack M

The photos of the alleged UFO show in this article and titled : "CAMPECHE UNDERWATER UFO SERIES OFF CANTAREL OIL RIG, GULF OF MEXICO May 29, 2010." are clearly bogus.  The look of the craft is not a look of technology by rather the look of  a poorly created 'artist's' conception of a UFO. 

Most damning of the photo's veracity is the apparent 'white-out' line that appears to be whiting out the wire or string or rope holding up those objects.  The 'lines' start at the top of the photo and move down to the center of the 'ufo' exactly where a wire or rope would be attached to support the tin-can that is supposed to be a UFO. 

These photo's should only be used to expose a hoax. The book called 'The Stargate Conspiracy' and 'Messengers of Deception' contain possible explanations for these types of hoaxes. It was Werner Von Braun who warned that fake UFO invasions would be used to bring about the NWO -- if the invasion is presented with only photos like those in the article, I have no fear that a phony invasion is what we are experiencing. 

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