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CRN®—FEB-01-2013—“Twelve million dollars”, that is the offer made by powerful and wealthy businessmen that said came from the Mexican state of Sinaloa and who are interested in the small farming and cattle town of El Rosario Baja California and contacted farmers just recently. The purpose? The construction of at least one Nuclear Power Plant in the region. The farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous, took me to the very site where he was about to sell off 900 hectares, roughly 2,220 acres of his land to these men. After consulting with CRN® and looking at the evidence, on the dangers that nuclear power brings to the environment as a whole, he decided to decline their offer, and rightly so.

It seems that businessmen do not learn. Back in the day, TEPCO told everyone in the remote towns in the Fukushima Prefecture in the 60s that Nuclear Plants are safe and clean and will never pose a danger to the region. Citizens ignorantly chose to believe these ‘Big Business bullies’ and allowed them to build the Fukushima Daichi and Daini reactors on their backyard. On March 11th 2011, they were proven wrong when an earthquake and ensuing tsunami tore through the Daichi plant and a hydrogen explosion from reactor number 2 released and untold amount of MOX fuel into the environment.

Now, the children and adults in Fukushima are slowly but surely dying from radiation poisoning. Reports from people losing their hair and teeth, nausea, having heart problems, nose bleeds and so on are just some of the results from the bioaccumulation of radioactive isotopes in living organisms, especially humans. No more insects live in the region around Fukushima except for mutated butterflies and deformed flowers. The cattle is also radioactive as well as the newborn children.

Tokyo was highly-radiated as well and the citizens complain of the detrimental health effects that nuclear power brings when things go wrong. And believe me, things always go wrong when these idiots in power, just to save a buck here and there, do things incorrectly.

After Fukushima and Chernobyl, the world must understand that nuclear power plants are simply dangerous devices created by man where the highly radioactive elements, plutonium and uranium among others, are put in a reactor to just simply boil water to have it form steam that in turn spins a turbine which in turn feeds a generator that converts the energy into electricity. The process is outright dangerous and stupid.  You need the most toxic substances on earth to just boil water? What about hydroelectric plants or simply tidal electricity generators of the shoreline. But wait on the latter, the creator of this wonderful solution was killed when he came out with it.

Why, after seeing Germany shut down all its reactors in the wake of the Fukushima catastrophe, would there still be individuals interested, all of a sudden, in building nuclear power plants in Baja Mexico just south of the United States border? Is it just for electricity? Is it stupidity; or could there be a different reason altogether; a more sinister and shady reason?

For example, it has been now established that Japan was actively working on the development of nuclear weapons at Fukushima and the same goes for many of its other nuclear plants. These plants will probably be back online if the new Japanese PM has his way.

Just like in Japan, Baja California sits beside one of the biggest and most dangerous seismic faults in the world; the San Andreas Fault. This fact alone is troubling enough if we are to take into account that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is going to shut down at least one more Nuclear Plant in Japan because it sits on top of an active fault line. Baja California is no different.

But that is not all. The truth is that after visiting the entire region of El Rosario, I personally discovered evidence of an underwater volcano forming off the coast in the Pacific. Inclusively, I interviewed a local veteran scuba diver who gave video testimony of the underwater anomaly in the bay. (This interview will be released in the future.) He mentioned that one can hear a very strong noise under the sea floor ‘like if a pot full of clam chowder* were boiling’, he indicated.

*Note: The scuba diver mentioned ‘atole’, a very thick hot drink made of tortilla flour, instead of clam chowder.  This author used clam chowder as an equivalent as to the composition and description of what is being heard under the ocean floor.

In December 2012, an underwater volcano that poses a threat to Los Cabos and La Paz in Baja California Su, was discovered in the Sea of Cortez. This volcano could even generate a tsunami scientists have warned.

Another unknown fact is that out of the 32 states that conform Mexico, the state which houses the biggest amount of dormant volcanoes is Baja California; at least 22 that we know of.

With the evidence mounting that dormant volcanoes can now become active and enter an eruptive phase in just a matter of months not years, one just needs to have an idea of how dangerous it would be to have nuclear plants in Baja altogether.

is rich with beautiful and unique vegetation and wildlife without mentioning the massive amount of historic and prehistoric value like the petroglyphs that depict a detailed story of what the first inhabitants of North America wanted us to know.

All this is in danger of destruction and demise if Big Business and tycoons like Carlos Slim keep having their way as they disseminate the region in the name of profit. Same goes for Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Vicente Fox and Ernest Zedillo, all globalists and former Presidents who are interested in exploiting the region and who have been seen there.

In August 2012, as reported by CRN®, Mexico’s only nuclear power plant, Laguna Verde, in the state of Veracruz, went into cold shut down because of water pumps that had been previously installed and turned out to be defective. Bernardo Salas Mar Ph.D, a physicist who worked at the facility, has repeatedly warned of corrupt practices on behalf of the CFE, Mexico’s centralized Federal Electricity Commission, and the cutting of corners to install these faulty water pumps. Once again, influence-peddling and corruption in Mexico in order to save money? This is unheard of, sarcastically speaking of course.

The entire region near the Laguna Verde plant is being put in danger. Entire population centers in the region already show signs of strange and mysterious sicknesses that could be related to Laguna Verde and which the government always ignores and does not want to investigate on its origin because it could mean that it is responsible for the people getting ill. And still, like in Japan, they want to put Laguna Verde back online. The same practice can be seen at San Onofre in Oceanside California and other reactors that are becoming old, their design proven faulty and that can simply fail and bring the Northern Hemisphere into an open human slow-kill extermination camp.

Please get this story out and make it known that we do not want nor need nuclear power plants in Baja California nor in Mexico for that matter. Get this straight, no one wants nukes in Baja. Not now, not ever!


Alexander Backman wearing his Israeli-made NBC mask and filter.

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Alexander Backman is language professor and code breaker. He is dedicated fulltime now as an investigative journalist, researcher and security consultant. He is a federally-licensed radio host and gives lectures on a vast array of topics from counter terrorism, national security, transhumanism, vaccine dangers, transgenics, globalism and other issues. He has appeared on many national and international radio and TV shows including History Channel and Univision. His website is |

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