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CRN®- AUG 24-2012-  On August 23rd,  2012, we decided to sit down with Mexican broadcaster, speaker and journalist Alexander Backman to know his point of view on the recent Le Monde article titled ‘Mexique, la spirale de la barbarie’, which criticizes the Mexican Drug War that has left, according to recent official statistics, 120,000 dead in the last six years and not 50,000 as previously thought. This exclusive and highly sought interview is in response to the aforementioned Le Monde article. It also covers other pressuring issues that we managed to address like the political scenarios for Mexico int he near future, the new student movements, the world elite, the criminal insurgency and more.

Alexander Backman had already publically denounced, by the time that the official figure of deaths in the Calderon’s Drug War reached the washed-down 50,000 count in 2009, that the real figure was probably in the 100,000 range. He reached this conclusion after seeing that the ‘black count’ was not being considered. The black count or ‘cifra negra’ refers to the notion that at any figure brought out by the Mexican government needs to be doubled due to the fact that many of the homicides and mass killings, as well as the rest of the crimes, go unreported. It is a well-known fact that in Mexico 99% of all crimes go unpunished. Prof. Backman’s assertiveness has been proven true after the discovery of mass graves in many parts of Mexico since 2011, and the recent statistics by the Mexican INEGI National Institute of Statistics and Geography that also show that the numbers and the bodies keep stacking up contradicting previous press releases by the Calderon administration.

When interviewed, Alex Backman had this to say after being highly critical and closely following, what he coins, Calderon’s ‘Sexenium of Death’:

CRN®: Thank you for wanting to sit down and have this interview.

AB: “Thank you. We have many things to discuss. I know. I do not regularly do this and I appreciate your request.”

CRN®: The Le Monde article on Calderon and his Drug War. Can you share your insight on this matter?

AB: “First of all. The article by Le Monde is what I have been saying all along. One has to not take the Government’s statistics at face value. One needs to remember Golden Rule in Politics, ‘Governments Lie’. After all, it is their war and they manipulate the data to their political gain. What has occurred in Mexico is a beta test for worse events to come. The Cd. Juarez killings alone are testimony of a systematic genocide, conducted as social experimentation that spans all ages and social levels. Sociologists have confirmed this to me. There are big players here that want to replicate this in the US and elsewhere. Fact: 58,000 US soldiers died in the Vietnam War. Calderon doubled it in six years. He certainly did go out of his way to pull this off. But it is not Calderon who is the culprit, it is his benefactors.

Now if one talks about what happens in Tamaulipas and Veracruz, it gets worse. The crimes are unconscionable: Babies being stripped from their mother’s arms and run over by pick-up trucks while they witness these events; massive raping and killing of women, forced recruitment of men and teenage boys into the cartels, extermination of the elderly, dismemberings, public executions. The list goes on.  One doesn’t need to go to Iraq or Afghanistan to have beheadings and mass executions anymore. They are already here just South of the Border. Just by factoring this in, Mexico has become what I call, ‘Mexistan’. Another example of this, is something that has now been proven; that certain cartels are already working with radical Islamic groups that are embedding their terrorist cells within the CONUS via the Arizona and Baja California corridors.”

CRN®: What is your take on ‘Operation Fast and Furious’?

AB: Well, the massive spike in killings in Mexico since Calderon took office has been fueled by the influx of weapons into Mexico. We know that. After all, this is a Government-sponsored war and war is a very lucrative business. It is not only the DEA and the DOJ that are guilty of giving high-powered rifles to the cartels. It is not that corrupt factions in certain intelligence agencies trained some of the cartels. Just go to Monaco once a year to find out who is financing the Mexican Drug War. Once a year they celebrate their ‘Arms Trade Super Bowl’.

CRN®: Who are these interests that you mention?

AB: These interests are the ones who provide the weapons and at the same time jump and pillage and rape Mexico of its vast natural resources. They run a global operation. This is beyond the CFR, The Bilderbergs or the Trilateralists. This is way up the chain. The small players only worry about lucrative reconstruction projects after they destroy the nations they invade and after they impose their central banks on the people and tax them to death via feudalistic austerity measures. It is the bigger fish who we ought to worry about. Their reason is not money, control and geopolitical power. Their goal is spiritual and it is very dark in nature.

CRN®: Is there any hope for Mexico?

AB: “They are literally sucking it dry. Mexico is dead. Its economy is dead, its tourist sector is dead, its education system is failed, its national values deteriorated, its economic growth at a standstill. University students, after receiving their degrees are seeing that there are no jobs. All this, while Mexico’s casinos are booming, the drug trade is thriving and its underdeveloped status is consolidated. They are letting all this happen by design. Alcoholism and drug addiction is everywhere. Mexico is the world leader in child diabetes and child obesity. The signs and the statistics are appalling. There is a depraved indifference and ignorance is its best friend. The poor just watch football soccer and get wasted with beer, the ones that are less poor, they spend their time corrupting their minds in a country rooted corporate fascism.”

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CRN®: Please explain.

AB: Mussolini, you know, the Italian dictator that gave the Vatican its power back in 1929? He defined fascism. He said that fascism is when the State works in conjunction with the private sector in order to control society. Mexico is just that. You have 30 super rich families that control it all. They call the shots. They say who the next President will be. The CEOs, that is where the trick lies you see, they go in and out of the public and private sector and steal the money from the People’s taxes. In simple words, they steal from ‘We the People’. It is a vicious cycle. That is why the call Mexico ‘the Perfect Dictatorship.’

CRN®: How has this war changed your life as a journalist in Mexico?

AB: “As a journalist, one is in constant danger of being assassinated by these groups. I have already had experiences in that arena. Journalists are being hunted down if they just report on the events that happen on a daily basis. Bloggers have been target for assassination; even visitors to the main ‘narco’ sites that leave a comment have disappeared and then show up dead a few days later.

“Now, Calderon, with the approval of his new federal law says he will protect journalists and those who work in favor of human rights. Right? He thinks that he has solved the problem. He hasn’t. The fact remains: ‘Mexico is still the most dangerous country in the world to conduct journalism.’ And to get protection, the red tape is incredible. One literally has to be shot at in order to get help by the very same institutions that are already corrupt. What is the guarantee then? There is none. Calderon is the type of man that picks up the phone and threatens the directors of Mexico’s media outlets to fire x or y journalist just for questioning his drinking problem on the air. And we are to trust this tyrannical behavior. Does he enjoy this?”

“And another thing, One of Mexico’s strongest institutions is not democracy or the laws and its system of justice, nor its Constitution. Mexico’s strongest institution is Corruption. Mexico is a failed state and will continue to be so as it interminably keeps spiraling out of control.”

CRN®: Who benefits?

AB: “All you need to do is your homework. Just follow the money and see that In Mexico, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class has been practically annihilated. An economist I know, she has a PH.D. in Macroeconomics, told me that the economic projection for Mexico to get out of the hole it’s in is 25 years. That means my generation was sacrificed and the ones coming out of High School and University have already been sacrificed as well. There is no progress.”

“I am not a pessimist. I am a realist and this is the Desert of the Real. It is the same agenda all over the board. It is global and it is designed by very powerful interests thirsty of world power and dominion. Fact: The kings and queens of this world are behind 95% of the trade. Need we say more? The splinter cartels run 5% of the shared market according to certain intelligence sectors.”

“Just think about this. The top level politicos in Mexico that joined Calderon in his failed war are now swimming in millions of dollars. Calderon even said he is leaving Mexico after this. After what? After leaving our country in ruins and handing it over to another puppet? After leaving behind more than 5,000 dead children, thousands of dead women, 63 dead babies that got burned alive in a Government-sponsored daycare center? Mexico will not remember Calderon for his hundreds of thousands of promised jobs or for his social programs to eradicate poverty. He will be remembered probably as Mr. ‘Killderon’: The worst ‘presidente’ that Mexico has ever had.”

CRN®: What comes after Enrique Peña Nieto takes over on Dec 1st, 2012?

AB: “ Two scenarios. The first, I expect Mexico going into civil war if Nieto reaches Los Pinos. The 2012 presidential election was rigged years in advance. It was a very well-planned operation. And the more I think about it, it seems that this is what ‘they’, the globalists, want. They want that the youth rebel and revolt. They want what we saw in northern Africa in 2011 and 2012 get emulated here. They are already calling for the ‘Mexican Spring’ or ‘Primavera Mexicana’. Leftwing congressman, Gerardo Lopez Noroña, is even calling for a ‘peaceful national rebellion’. The Muslim Brotherhood is praising the #YOSOY132 students that are marching and protesting against the fraudulent imposition of Nieto. One only needs to see where this is going. Cairo, Tripoli, Damascus, Santiago… Mexico City? Take one down... pass it around... only 3 more to go this year.”

“Remember the Hegelian Dialectic?”

CRN®: Yes, Problem, reaction, solution.

AB: “Precisely! Qui bono? I will tell you one thing. The people behind this want a communist secular world totalitarian government with the UN as its body and one leader at its head. The Vatican is already officially asking for this. So is Gorbachev, Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Obama, Sarkozy, Brown, Harper and Putin. Mexico is just another piece that needs adjusting, and this is how they plan to do it.

They will let Nieto come into power: The problem. Then they will let the color revolution, promulgated by Gene Sharp’s ‘Peaceful Revolution’ and Anonymous to take form: The Reaction. After that, they will allow them to topple Peña after massive rioting, looting occupying and protesting. And finally, the solution: the will call for new elections and have their communist leader, their savior, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (The Loving Socialist) or whoever else from the left they choose to promulgate and turn Mexico into another Venezuela, Bolivia or Brazil. That is when change will come, the same as with the US. Same scenarios.”

The other scenario is that when they YOSOY132s and other groups rebel against Nieto, an instigator in the group, will light the proverbial match that will ignite and turn it all into a tyrannical oppression by Nieto against the rioting and student protests. It happened in 1968 before the Olympic Games in Mexico City. 5,000 students disappeared then. The students where communist-driven. Many of them work with Obrador to this day and where going to form part of his cabinet. Repression, Nieto did it in 2006 in Atenco when he was Governor of Estado de Mexico when he ordered the crack downs when the people of San Salvador Atenco protested when they heard that the Federal Government wanted to kick them out of their land, delete their community and replace it with a new international airport. Make no mistake about it, Nieto is capable of doing it all over again if ordered to. That is the other scenario.”

CRN®: What is your message to these student movements?

AB: “Do not fall for this game. It is not worth it. They are using you. They, being ‘The Powers that Be’. You know who ‘they’ are. I know you want ‘change’. Change will never come. Peace will never come. Prosperity will never come. Wake up! Tyranny has already passed the horizon. It already rose. It will reach its midday soon. I used to believe in fighting against this New World Order. I advocated it. I called upon you in 2008 to rise and fight for change and you never listened. Now, in 2012, it is too late. Now, after Fox and Calderon, you want change. Remember one thing, Humanity cannot govern itself in a perfect system. The only utopian system that there is is the one in heaven. And heaven is a very real place.

Peaceful revolutions might get the attention of people on Twitter and YOUTube and the mainstream media, you might create waves of hope in this battle for freedom, but at the end of the road, it is they, at the top that pull the strings and it is ‘they’ who ultimately decide. They are in control and they do not plan on handing it over. There is no left, there is no right with these evil people. They make you believe in division and dualistic models. Political parties are called just that because they part or divide the mind. Parties are just parts of a whole. The whole is what they control. I used to have hope for Mexico. Not anymore. The so-called war against the New World Order is not won by the masses. All you need to do is read your Bible to understand this. Do not play into their game. They want the shedding of blood. It is always the ultimate price. They payment is with blood. That is how it works. In Mexico, the problem is not political, social, economic nor cultural; it is moral and spiritual. The same with Israel and the Middle East, neither side is good. They are both being used to benefit the guy at the top of the pyramid.”

“You need to refocus your aims and your goals. You need a spiritual directive and there is only one way to achieve one, coming to terms with your One and Only Creator. So start praying. You will need it. And stop belonging to hive-mind collectivized, soviet-modeled group thinking. Insects think in a collectivized hive. That is what you chant in the streets! Where is the individual in all of this? There is none. All you are is goats and sheep that are being led to the slaughter. There is no need in allowing this. There are more pressing issues to worry about, spiritual in nature. Focus on that! Your souls are at risk. These bodies of flesh do not mean one thing. It is your soul which will eventually flutter away and end up ruined or saved. It’s your call, not mine. Coming this 2016, you will have thanked Him in heaven for having sent this piece of advice your way.”

CRN®: Thank you very much.

AB: Au contraire. Thank you.


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