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CRN®-JAN-11-2013- In the Mexican region of Chiapas Islam is growing under the influence of the revolutionary left. In the mid 1990s, a leftist resistance group calling itself the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) made its home Chiapas.

Its attempts to fight the Mexican army failed repeatedly, but the Zapatistas are still very active in rural areas of the district. Chiapas is considered a dangerous place, where each house has its own arsenal, and like many other places in Mexico, Chiapas streets have become the battlefield where the local drug lords and government struggle to control this powerbase.

Chiapas, however, has a more sinister secret: It is also a center of radical Islamist activity.

According to a local businessman, who asked to remain anonymous, it is believed that in a decade, Chiapas will be the first federal state of Mexico that will give its back to the Church. "The Muslim missionaries are very active there," he said. "It is difficult to know exactly how many people have converted to Islam in recent years."

In December 2011, U.S. authorities accused the Lebanese drug dealer Ayman Juma, to facilitate the participation of Hezbollah with the Zeta cartel. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA, the Zetas are the most technologically-advanced cartel and the most dangerous in Mexico.

The Shiite Islamic terrorist group known as Hezbollah, which is financed through drug trafficking and other forms of organized crime,  has established sleeper cells among the Mesoamerican country's Muslim population, and maintains an extensive intelligence infrastructure and training bases in Mexico and other South American countries. The Shiite group is also helping drug lords in the building of tunnels for smuggling routes beneath the US-Mexico border and satellite images show that these are almost identical to the maze of tunnels running under the border between Gaza and Egypt.

Hezbollah is also training cartels agents in the use of explosives, helping drug dealers improve their bomb-making skills.

No wonder that drug traffickers abandon their birth religion, Catholicism and convert to Islam. The most consistent is that drug traffickers convert to Islam and abandon Catholicism, religion does not allow the extermination of the infidel, or drugging.


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