Backman: A WMD has been deployed by the World's Elite in China
  • Highly-Mutagenic bird virus now in humans shows no symptoms in target population
  • Reveals democidal agenda and population reduction agenda.
  • Points to Mass Kill Events, says journalist.


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: Alexander Backman wearing his NBC mask. © 2013 Concienca Radio Network

“The way the H7N9 rapidly mutates, and now that it incubates without making the immune system respond to fend off the infection, is inescapably a fingerprint that this thing was designed, tailored in a lab."—Alexander Backman

BIOWEAPONSCRN® April 15 2013 (Mexico)—The H7N9 virus, a biological weapon of mass destruction (WMD), that is now effectively spreading throughout China like wildfire and that has reportedly jumped from avian to mammals—this includes humans—is taking a turn for the worse. It turns out that the virus is asymptomatic. This means that it incubates inside the host without showing symptoms.

It is time to question and reevaluate the posture from where we see events unfolding. It is a complex structure of behind-the-scenes conspiracies that are not theoretical but a product of real people driving and directing the world toward an insane and tyrannical communist global antichristian dictatorship. From Stuxnet used to target the Bushehr Nuclear Reactor in Iran to the use of miniature nuclear weapons at the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Plant in Japan, a Chinese PLA Air Force Colonel is accusing the United States for the H7N9 influenza virus hitting Beijing.

Just recently, Alexander Backman published an article that warned of this. The article titled WORLD WAR THREE IS A LITTLE BEHIND SCHEDULE BUT ALL IS GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN says basically that it is not necessarily the United States Government that is behind the release of the virus in China, but a black cabal known as the Illuminati.

"It is consistent with a genetically-specific biological weapon that has been released," says Mexican investigative journalist Alexander Backman from the Mexican independent news group Conciencia Radio®.

Professor Backman covered the AH1N1 influenza virus that hit Mexico City which prompted a pandemic scare issued by the United Nations’ WHO in April 2009. He says, “The way the H7N9 rapidly mutates, and now, that it incubates without making the immune system respond to fend off the infection is inescapably a fingerprint that this thing was designed, tailored in a lab."

Eerily, a story published on the Japan Times front page today titled ‘Beijing bird flu case asymptomatic’ points to what Backman asserts. “Only a few nations are capable of such weaponry. Yes, the crumbs could very-well point to the United States secretive biological weapons program in any of its BLS4 labs. Also, it could point to all the dead scientists that have been assassinated and who they are used to develop these bioweapons before being taken out. But to prove it, that is a very difficult thing to do. But when we see Universities losing hemorrhagic virus vials used for bioweapons research in Texas, all is possible.”

Backman goes on to reveal, “The AH1N1 was probably a beta test and also a CIA-sponsored terrorist attack against a sovereign state such as Mexico. There is confirmation of this. A Mexican Federal employee specialized in counterterrorism has spoken to us about it and confirmed it was a biological attack. Also, it is a fact that in 1997 the CIA retrieved the Spanish-flu virus through the San Diego-based black-ops Mitre Corporation with the exhumation of Inuit eskimo bodies frozen under the permafrost in Alaska. A Swedish obsessed doctor led the project. He then revived the virus and mixed it with six other viruses, including avian. Franken-viruses are not normal in nature. It is obvious that these are bioweapons. In Ciudad Juarez Mexico, a teenager died from the AH1N1 influenza virus after it incubated inside his brain without showing any symptoms whatsoever. This is what is happening now in China. What are the odds of these two events being similar in nature on two different continents in less than 4 years occurring? These people are out of control and need to be exposed and stopped. They are out to kill off the excess of people. To them, these psychopaths like Ted ‘The Terrible’Turner, Bill Gates and the Duke of Edinburg, 95% is considered an excess. And now, the time of the culling is here. Kissinger was anxious to kick start the Mass-Kill-Events (MSEs) at the recent Bilderberg meetings. That is a fact.”

With recent threats by Iran that World War Three would begin if it is attacked by Israel or the United States to thwart its nuclear weapons ambitions Prof. Backman has this to say: “World War Three is not about to begin, it has already begun. It begun on 9-11. It is non-conventional in nature. No one to blame. New Zealand had the power to create tsunamis since the ‘40s, the Russia can remotely infect populations and target individuals with specific viruses using its resonant frequency, the United States can create Earthquakes and trigger volcanoes. All this is being done now. Geoengineering, playing to be God, and blaming all the events on God shows the risks involved. We are all subject to their secretive weaponry. The Russian meteor could have been a Space-based weapon as well. You mention it, they got it in their arsenals.”

Asymmetrical warfare is being waged and the rules of the game have changed. From cyber warfare to covert-preferred attacks, where nations prefer to not  take responsibility for their actions and instead remain silent while the Elite-controlled mainstream media injects the minds of the dumbed-down masses into believing that the oddities occurring in the world are simply random, unconnected events of happenstance which are normal in nature. No such thing.


Likewise, the H7N9 virus is probably another test as it incubates inside the Mandarin population. Or maybe, as insiders suggest, a WMD that has been deployed in order to prevent that China enters the Third World War in its more destructive and final phases for world domination

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