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EPISODE 13- The Last Episode of the Alexander Backman Show

CRN® MAY 30 2012- "Humans with alien brain implants [the 'zombies'] have been programmed to help overthrow Mankind in the NEAR FUTURE. The 'Reptoids' are even able TO TRANSFORM THEMSELVES INTO BEINGS WITH HUMAN CHARACTERISTICS & FEATURES. The planet Earth is being stressed so that human resistance will be minimal, during the overt takeover & control of Mankind.

 "It started as a 'joint interaction program.' An Alien Species wanted to 'share' parts of it's advanced technology with certain humans in KEY POSITIONS OF POWER within government, military, corporations, 'secret societies', etc... The population as a whole began to be manipulated into the 'Alien Agenda'... they wanted TOTAL CONTROL of us!”- By Branton

In this compelling 3 hour interview with Col. SC Greg Rinchich, he exposes the evil that has been set loose upon the land. Literally, we are witnessing events of such a horrific nature that the only word I have to express what I feel is utter and sheer reprehension toward the evil satanic principalities that are behind these crimes.
What crimes? How about children being taken from their homes by the CPS in the US for government-sponsored experimentation? Children that end up murdered and sacrificed for their innocent blood under the auspices of Nazi science? What about 72 million abortions performed in the US alone since 1972? What about the more than 1 billion souls sacrificed through abortion worldwide since 1972? What about the Chinese now serving aborted baby girls and in other cases that are birthed that are boiled alive after being extracted from their mother’s womb at 5 months of gestation? And what about, just today, in India, a man selling the body parts of 20 youngsters and passed off as ostrich meat at the local market? What about the persecuted Christians that are burned alive in their churches in Nigeria, the ones that are chased down and hunted down in Iran and Indonesia, in Chiapas Mexico or in Colombia? How much more can we take? What about our children being targeted with biological weapons called vaccines? What about the poisoning of our water and the systematic spraying of our cities with Chemtrails? What about the children that go missing and end up in Government labs and other underground facilities to be eaten alive by other-dimensional fallen angel entities new agers call ‘greys’?

Just when we thought that things were getting bad, they are only getting worse! We are in it people! The Great Tribulation has begun and the time has come to confront this stark reality. The time has come to man up, pray up, suit up and go fight the good fight for Our Lord and King Jesus Christ! Fearless and faithful unto the End.

These EVIL people are the dark shadows as I exposed in the article I wrote in April titles THE RETURN OF THE REPHAIM. Well now, they are exposed and since Satan’s days are numbered (12 21 2012), he is unleashing his demonic influences and bringing his true darkness into the world. That is why we call out on all God-abiding Christians to stand up and fight! We cannot allow these things to continue.

Timothy 2:3 sheds truth on this.  Also Romans 1:25 and on.

Understand this, all child prostitution networks, Vatican-related or not, all murderers of children will ultimately be judged by Our Lord Jesus Christ; but, in the meantime, it is our duty in the service to Our Lord to speak out and take action. We are at war and we are exercising our right to self-defense in defense of the defenseless. Woe to those that have tortured these precious and innocent souls that had every right to live in innocence and purity!

Rak Chasak! A term in Hebrew used as an Ancient War Cry is what must be stated. Please take the time to watch these two videos by Eric Ludy to understand what Christ Jesus requires of you.

Eric Ludy- The Gospel   

Eric Ludy- Ancient War Cry

And now, the Col asked me to post this information for your consideration:

As a member of the family of Jesus Christ, my job is done here. I serve as a messenger and hope you take heed and take action.

In Complete Service and Dedication to Yahshua,
Alexander Backman

Operation Rapebook Needs your Support!

Soldiers of Jesus Christ, Step up, Man up, Pray Up for the time is now to come out and shed some light upon the evildoers of this world.

Are you a parent and your child has been kidnapped? Your child may still be alive and could be used on online child prostitution rings like the ones on Facebook. We want you to contact us and send us your information.

Col. SC Greg Rinchich is spearheading an unprecedented operation against child prostitution and heinous crimes committed against children. Operation Rapebook consists of Christian brothers and sisters who are stepping up and coming to the frontlines and supporting to help bring an end to these criminal activities and provide closure to the parents of the innocent children who have greatly suffered from the reprobate individuals who have them under their control.

Operation Archangel was just the beginning. Operation Rapebook is an ongoing investigation conducted by law-abiding individuals that understand that there is a very real Satanic reality related with these criminal networks.  They must be tracked down, arrested and exposed for their crimes against humanity.

We ask you to write Col. SC at gregrinchich@livecom with any information that may help to gather as much intelligence as necessary to pinpoint and find these individuals and expose them publically and bring them to justice. His facebook account is gregrinchich. Now go listen to the show and do the right thing.
For those men and women of courage and valor who are ready to take a stand and fight please contact me personally at abba@alexanderbackman.com so I may provide you with further details on how to contact Col. SC.

lastly, please go to this site to learn more on how to combat child prostitution on Facebook and read Chelsea Schilling's 4 part articles exposing the Child Prostitution Rings online here.


Please email us to be on the email list of listeners: send your request to abba@alexanderbackman.com and put on the Subject line "ADD ME". I will be sending you updates and important advisories in the future,

Thank you and May God Almighty keep us together from here until we reach heaven.






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